Who is Zeven?
Question Answer
Name Zeven
Age 22
Hobbies I spend most of my time on DreamScape, in my spare time I’d like to go to the gym. I’m a real sports man and there for I practise all kinds of sports including skiing ( instructor ) , Paragliding and sailing.
Working or Studying? I work at the market and have a security job for events but thats irregular. Besides those jobs I work full time for DreamScape of course, so you could guess how many hours I work a week !
What do you enjoy doing? I enjoy being around the community of DreamScape. Besides DS I have a wonderful girlfriend where I live together with. We like to do trips to zoo’s and other events that brings us relation closer.
Anything else?

Make sure to join our official TeamSpeak so you can have a chat with me & the other community members. You can connect to our TeamSpeak trough the following ip / address :


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