Dreamscape Wikia Updates

On this page, you will find agenda's of things we are working on, and future updates that we'd like to get implemented.

Recent Wikia Updates/Wanted List/Future Updates  -  August 5 2017

Recent Updates

(1) Added 'Combat Directory' (To be updated)(2) Added 'What's New?' with sub-category's (To be updated)

(2.5) Removed Community Portal. Added 'Apply for wikia editor, and wikia team' (To be updated)

(3) Updated Skills page (To be updated)

(4) Created a Wikia team page (To be updated)

(4.5) Semi updated Staff team (To be updated)

Player Wanted List

  • Suggestions to improve Wikia

Future Updates

  • Item pages with stats
  • Tweaks towards maintaining the price guide.
  • Creating a page to show EXP rates for all skills!
  • Again, Fixing pictures throughout Wiki.
  • Adding various of NEW GUIDES to the Wiki.

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