Getting To Know The Shops

Using the shops gives players a large component of learning the Dreamscape items. If you are new to custom servers, our shops showcase a lot of the common items that you may see or can obtain. The shops are mostly used to claim rewards, finding a specific teleport, and or buying beneficial things.


West Side of Shop

North Side of Shop

East Side of Shop

Where Can I Begin Training?

When joining Dreamscape being a new player, you get to choose any game mode.


Then it will ask you if you want to set a bank pin for your bank, that way if you get hacked or anything your items are

safe. Example below:
Download (1)
Download (2)

Now pick whatever interest you the most mage, range or melee? I like melee better.

Download (3)

Now use the command ::mbox to get to 

  1. Mystery box teleport

Now you will need to use the command ::train to get to

  1. Train Teleport

Now you will need to go to monster teleports & find one below.

  1. Monster Teleports

Last but not least starter boss use the command ::starterboss