Most Used Weapons Around Dreamscape
From the most used weapons, to the rarest and the best weapons in-game!

Item Quantity Rarity
Oblivatary Sword Oblivatary Sword N/A 2 Common
Abysaal Whips (colored) Abysaal Whips (colored) N/A 2 Common
Sword of Fear Sword of Fear N/A 2 Common
Anger Sword Anger Sword N/A 2 Common
Lightsabers Lightsabers N/A 3 Uncommon
Hot Katana Hot Katana N/A 3 Uncommon
Flame Scimitar Flame Scimitar N/A 3 Uncommon
Diamond Age Sword Diamond Age Sword N/A 4 Rare
Royal Sicle Royal Sicle N/A 4 Rare
Armadyl Crossbow Armadyl Crossbow N/A 4 Rare
AK-47 AK-47 N/A 4 Rare
Sword of 1k Truths Sword of 1k Truths N/A 4 Rare
Ice Katana Ice Katana N/A 4 Rare
Brutal whip Brutal whip N/A 4 Rare
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle N/A 4 Rare
Shasta Brutal Whip Shasta Brutal Whip N/A 4 Rare
Silver Space Sword Silver Space Sword N/A 4 Rare
Space Jam Sword Space Jam Sword N/A 4 Rare
Zaryte Bow Zaryte Bow N/A 5 Very rare
SoulFlare SoulFlare N/A 5 Very rare

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