Dreamscape Trivia
The Dreamscape Trivia was created as an advantage to players to gain Achievement PointsBy entering the command ::trivia, followed by your response. You either get it right, or wrong. An example is ::trivia fishing. There is no penalty for entering the incorrect answer. Achievement points can be used in the Achievement Point Shop.


Possible Questions Answers
*What is the name of the #1 RSPS? Dreamscape
*Who is the Founder of Dreamscape? Chuck
*Who is the Staff Manager? Stuart
*What is the Capital of Germany? Berlin
*What is the Capital of Russia? Moscow
*Who is the Gambling Manager? Emperor Nick
*What programming language is Dreamscape coded in? Java
*What is the Capital of Japan? Tokyo
*What is the Capital of Australia? Canberra
*What Minigame has teams with Zamorak and Saradomin? Castle Wars
*What is the name of the forums software used by Dreamscape? ipb
*Whose boat do you have to repaid in ‘A dreamers passion’ Quest? Ali
*Which NPC do you talk to to be teleported to Venenatis? Crazy Old Wizard
*What area do you Dice at? ::dicezone
*How many quests are there on Oldschool Runescape? 138
*What spellbook has Barrage on it? Ancients
*What monster drops Dragon Claws? Tormented Demon
*What boss drops a Shadow Platebody? Shadow King
*What boss drops the phoenix pet? Phoenix
*What boss drops regular torva? Nex
*What boss drops three crystal keys? Thugbob
*What NPC sells Milestone Capes? Milestone
*Who do you talk to to access the Donator Point Shop? Roachey
*What NPC sells Potions? Sarah
*How much ammo can the Crystal Bow use? Infinite
*F2p players in Runescape can use up to what type of Arrows? Adamant
*What smithing level is requinavy to smith a Steel Scimitar? 35
*What does HAM stand for? Humans Against Monsters
*What chaotic weapon in Dreamscape is fast hitting? Claws
*What NPC stores your items? Banker
*What ultra rare item does the Sea Troll Queen drop? Ice Katana
*What boss drops Prime Torva? Forgotten Warrior
* Which player is known as number 1# donator? Zodiac
*What magic level is required to wear American Torva Helm? 80
*What is the lowest roll on a Blackjack Table? 0
*What is the upgrade difficulty of Elemental Armor Dream
How many pieces are in the Emperor Armor Set? 5
How many castle wars points are Red Boxing Gloves 150
What is the max level achievable on Skill? 150
What boss drops fallen Death Cape? Corporeal Beast
What is the best item from the Crystal Chest? Royal Sicle
What is the best item from the Mystery Box? Double XP Ring
What is the max cash you can obtain from Quadron Box? 2Q
What is the name of our Discord Server? Dreamscape317
Who is known as Camel around Dreamscape? Tyrantito
Who is the Developer of Dreamscape? Alex
Who is the Web Developer? Stuart
Who is the News Team Manager of Dreamscape? Feeds
Who is the Founder of Dreamers Monthly? Bench Press
Where is Town Crier located? Donator Zone
What does PK stands for? Player Killing
Which prayer level unlocks Soulsplit? 92
Which NPC commonly drops Lamp? Donorboss
What boss drops Oblivion Scythe? Oblivion Dragon
What is the best range weapon on Dreamscape? Golden Minigun
What is the best mage weapon on Dreamscape? Eternal Khiones staff
Where do you submit a Account Issue? Support
What does BG stands for?  Battle Ground
Who runs the Dreamer’s Monthly? Feeds
What NPC stores your items? Banker
What City in Runescape is our current Dicezone Located? Keldagrim
What NPC is located on Joinraid1? Voldemort
What NPC is located on Joinraid2? Vendura
What NPC is located on Joinraid3? OG Dragon
What NPC is located on Joinraid4? Diablo
Whats the upgraded Minigun called? Golden Minigun
What is the most popular player clan chat? Bale
What Mask in-game is based off V for Vendetta? Anonymous
What is the rarest Hween? Winter
What color is Dubby Favorite? Purple
What armour is before Promethium? Gorgonite
What is the upgraded minigun called? Golden Minigun
What monster looks like Spongebob? Thugbob
What is the command to get to the trading zone? ::market
How many letters are in Dreamscape? 10
What fantasy monster is on the login screen? Dragon
Who is the Donation Manager of Dreamscape? Drax
Who is the Founder of the Dreamscape Wikia? Foxx
What is the highest Donator Rank? Sponsor
What level is the OG Dragon? 666
What is the most powerful drop ingame? Electronic Katana
What Boss drops Gold Chain? Vetion
How do you get to Penguins? ::mbox
How do you obtain a Custom Glaive for $1? ::wheel
How do you get $1000 for free? Immortal Stone Fragment
What is the rarest Armour? Icy Torva
Which box usually contains a Golden Minigun? Dynamic
What year was Dreamscape released to the public? 2014