Dreamscape Trivia
The Dreamscape Trivia was created as an advantage to players to gain Achievement PointsBy entering the command ::trivia, followed by your response. You either get it right, or wrong. An example is ::trivia fishing. There is no penalty for entering the incorrect answer. Achievement points can be used in the Achievement Point Shop.
Possible Questions Answers
*What is the name of the #1 RSPS? dreamscape
*Who is the Founder of Dreamscape? chuck
*Who is the Co-Owner of Dreamscape? zeven
*Who is the Coolest person alive? adrianped
*Who is the Content Manager? Chuck
*Who is the Staff Manager? chuck
*Who is the Community Manager? aliengod420
*What is the capital of Germany? berlin
*What is the capital of Russia? moscow
*Who is the Gambling Manager? cooni
*Who is the Server Manager? adrianped
*What programming language is Dreamscape coded in? java
*What is the capital of Japan? tokyo
*What is the capital of Australia? canberra
*What minigame has teams with Zamorak and Saradomin? castle wars
*What is the name of the forums software used by Dreamscape? ipb
*What is the attack level requinavy to wield a dragon dagger? 60
*Whose boat do you have to repaid in ‘A dreamers passion’ quest? ali
*Which NPC do you talk to to be teleported to Venenatis? crazy old wizard
*What area do you dice at? ::dicezone
*What is the term for ‘Player Killing’? pk
*How many quests are there on Oldschool Runescape? 128
*What level is the requirement to wear Skillcapes? 99
*What spellbook has barrage on it? ancients
*What monster drops dragon claws? tormented demon
*Who is the Media Manager? cooni
*What boss drops a shadow platebody? shadow king
*What boss drops the phoenix pet? phoenix
*What boss drops regular torva? nex
*What boss drops three crystal keys? thugbob
*What NPC sells milestone capes? milestone
*Who do you talk to to access the donator point shop? roachey
*What NPC teleports you to the Miniboss Lair? mini boss leader
*What NPC sells potions? sarah
*What boss drops flame flame torva? flame king
*What iconic Australian food starts with ‘V’? vegemite
*Who runs the Dreamer’s Weekly? Cooni
*What is the capital of Zimbabwe? harare
*What is the capital of USA? washington dc
*How much GP does it cost to enter the Brimhaven’s Agility Arena in RS? 200
*How much ammo can the crystal bow use? infinite
*F2p players in Runescape can use up to what type of arrows? adamant
*What smithing level is requinavy to smith a Steel Scimitar? 35
*What does HAM stand for? humans against monsters
*What mining level do you need to enter the mining guild? 60
*What chaotic weapon in Dreamscape is fast hitting? claws
*What NPC stores your items? banker
*What ultra rare item does the Sea Troll Queen drop? ice katana
*What boss drops prime torva? forgotten warrior
*Which box can give legendary armour pieces when opened? super mystery box
*Which box gives you a random pet when opened? pet mystery box
*Where do you submit a account issue? forums

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