From the most common to the rarest and the best in the game!

Armor / Stats Armor Information
Torva (Normal)

Torva (Normal)

Normal Torva is a rare drop from Nex, it can also be acquired from the Dreamscape Point Shop.

24K Torva Set

24K Torva

24K Torva pieces are a rare drop from Steroid Penguins at Mystery box Teleport.

Prime Torva Set Stats

Primal Torva

Primal Torva pieces are a very rare drop from Forgotten Warriors. They currently are the most defensive set on Dreamscape, but lacking in offensive stats.

Rainbow Torva Set Stats

Rainbow Torva

Rainbow Torva is another set of our custom torva sets. The stats are mainly focused on "prayer bonuses". It lacks the "strength bonuses". The armor is also trimmed in the colors of the rainbow.

Wolverine Torva Set

Wolverine Torva

Blue Torva Set Stats

Blue Torva

Flame Torva Set Stats

Flame Torva

Wizzy Torva Set Stats

Wizzy Torva

Wizzy (dream) Torva - Is the best custom torva as a set for PVP (wildy). The armor is also trimmed in gray/yellow. And can be obtained as a drop from Corporal Beast or from the PkP Shop.

Elite Torva Set Stats

Elite Torva

Hallucination Torva Set

Hallucination Torva

American Torva Set Stats

American Torva

American Torva (u) Set Stats

American Torva (U)

Shadow Torva Set Stats

Shadow Torva

Shadow Torva - Is one of the top custom torva sets available. The stats are mainly focused for "strength bonuses". It also has high "defensive bonuses". The armor is the darkest in the game.

Shadow Torva (u) Stats

Shadow Torva (U)

Shadow Torva (u) is an upgraded version of the Shadow Torva set. This set has the same stats as the regular shadow Torva but offers a 9% drop rate bonus. (3% per piece)

Lime Torva Set Stats

Lime Torva

Lime Torva is a custom Torva set that was requested by a player through a Custom donation.

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