Teamspeak Download / Setup

Note:  Teamspeak Rules

1.  Download Teamspeak 3

( Make Sure You Download The TS3 ) & Open Teamspeak 3.
Double click on the icon that was put on your desktop to run the TS3 program. It should look similar to the picture below.

Teamspeak 1

2.  Connect to the Dreamscape Channel

Open the Connect Window At the top of the Teamspeak 3 program you'll click on the "Connections" Menu then Click the option named "Connect".

Teamspeak 2

3.  Enter Connection Information

You'll type in the Direct IP address such as, alternatively, you can use a custom host name such as for the "Address" section. Next you'll need to enter the colon character (:) then the Port number, this is usually four or five numbers long. Lastly you'll need to enter in a "Nickname" for you to connect as, this is the name that will people will see you as. Try to make it the same as your Username In-Game.

4.  Complete

Success, you have now succeffuly connected to the dreamscape teamspeak server; If you have successfully connected to the server, it should look similar to the picture below.
Teamspeak 4


Dreamscape317 - Team-speak Download Guide!04:47

Dreamscape317 - Team-speak Download Guide!

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