Super Mystery Box

This $5 Super Mystery box contains rares, ultimate rares, and even legendary's. Legendary items are exclusive to these boxes only, and cannot be acquired anywhere else.

*This list will only be updated when new items are discovered. Hence Mystery*

Image Stats Item Name Quantity Rarity
Torva Set
Torva Set Stats
Torva 1 Common
Virtus Set - Image
Virtus Set - Stats
Virtus 1 Common
Pernix set - Stats
Pernix 1 Common
Duel Haloswords
Duel Haloswords Stats
Duel Haloswords 1 Common
Katana of Stars
Katana of stars stats
Katana of Stars 1 Common
Callisto Egg
Callisto Egg 1 Common
Pikachu Pokeball
Pikachu Pokeball 1 Common
Thugbob Egg
Thugbob Egg 1 Common
Vet'ion Egg 1 Common
Scorpia Egg
Scorpia Egg 1 Common
Venenatis Egg
Venenatis Egg 1 Common
Diamond Age Sword
Diamond Age Sword 1 Common
Rainbow Lance
Rainbow Lance 1 Common
Glock stat
Glock 1 Common
Rainbow Party Hat
Rainbow Partyhat Stats
Rainbow Party Hat 1 Common
Dragonbone Melee stats
Dragonbone 1 Common
White Glass Wings
WGW stats
White Glass Wings 1 Rare
Yellow Dragon Wings
Yellow Dragon wing stat
Yellow Dragon Wings 1 Rare
Flame Torva
Flame Torva Stats
Flame Torva 1 Rare
Wolverine Torva
Wolverine torva stats
Wolverine Torva 1 Rare
Gold chain
Gold chain stats
Gold Chain 1 Rare
Chaotic Claws
Chaotic Claws stats
Chaotic Claws 1 Rare
Icy Brutal Whip
Ice brutal stats
Ice Brutal Whip 1 Rare
Assault Rifle
Assault rifle stats
Assault Rifle 1 Rare
Ice Katana
Ice katana stats
Ice Katana 1 Rare
Flame Gloves
Flame Gloves Stats
Flame Gloves 1 Rare
Dragonbone Spirit Shield
Dragonbone ss stats
Dragonbone Spirit Shield 1 Rare
Abyssal Tentacle
Abyssal tentacle whip stats
Abyssal Tentacle 1 Ultimate
Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticker 1 Ultimate
Fallen Death Cape
Fallen dc stats
Fallen Death Cape 1 Ultimate
Devil Wings
Devil Wings 1 Ultimate
American Torva
American Torva stats
American Torva 1 Ultimate
Legendary Party Hat
Legendary Party Hat 1 Legendary
Legendary Katana Equipped
Legendary Katana stats
Legendary Katana 1 Legendary
Legendary whip
Legendary whip stats
Legendary Katana 1 Legendary
Legendary Top hat
Legendary Spirit Shield stats
Legendary Top Hat 1 Legendary
Legendary Santa
Legendary Santa 1 Legendary
Legendary Full helm
Legendary Full helm 1 Legendary
Legendary Platebody
Legendary Platebody 1 Legendary
Legendary Platelegs
Legendaey Platelegs 1 Legendary
Legendary Kiteshield
Legendary Kiteshield 1 Legendary
Legendary spirit shield
Legendary Spirit Shield stats
Legendary Spirit Shield 1 Legendary
Legendary Boots
Legendary Boots 1 Legendary
Legendary hammers
Legendary Spirit Shield stats
Legendary Dual Hammers 1 Legendary
Legendary Wings
Legendary Wings 1 Legendary
Legendary Death Cape 1 Legendary
Legendary Battleaxe
Legendary Battleaxe Stats
Legendary Battle Axe 1 Legendary
Sky Santa Hat
Sky Santa Hat 1 Dream
Bow Of Death
Bow of the death stats
Bow of Death 1 Dream
Piano 1 Dream

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