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Squeal of Fortune

How to obtain Squeal of Fortune spins - Each time you complete a 99 in a skill you are awarded with 3 spins.

Infomation Our Squeal of Fortune offers collectable items for Starter players. Including cash, weapons, armour, capes, and more! Sequel of fortune is accessible by going to the bottom right of your screen and clicking on the tab shown below. After this you press on the Play button which takes you to the image underneath.


From this you click on the red button, which uses 1 spin and gives you an item randomly.

Squeal of fortune
Item Quantity Rarity
Amulet of Fury (or) Amulet of Fury (or) 1 2 Common
Elysian Spirit Shield Elysian Spirit Shield 1 2 Common
Primal Maul Primal Maul 1 2 Common
Red Lightsaber Red Lightsaber 1 2 Common
Godly Sword Godly Sword 1 3 Uncommon
Duel Haloswords Duel Haloswords 1 4 Rare
Glock Glock 1 4 Rare
Chaotic Claws Chaotic Claws 1 5 Very rare
Double XP Ring Double XP Ring 1 5 Very rare