Experience Table

Skills are the structure of the game! They unlock the door to the in depth fun of Dreamscape!

  • AttackGo to Attack
  • StrengthGo to Strength
  • DefenceGo to Defence
  • RangedGo to Ranged
  • PrayerGo to Prayer
  • MagicGo to Magic
  • RunecraftingGo to Runecrafting
  • DungeoneeringGo to Dungeoneering
  • HitpointsGo to Hitpoints
  • HerbloreGo to Herblore
  • ThievingGo to Thieving
  • CraftingGo to Crafting
  • FletchingGo to Fletching
  • SlayerGo to Slayer
  • HunterGo to Hunter
  • MiningGo to Mining
  • SmithingGo to Smithing
  • FishingGo to Fishing
  • CookingGo to Cooking
  • FiremakingGo to Firemaking
  • WoodcuttingGo to Woodcutting
  • FarmingGo to Farming
  • SummoningGo to Summoning
Attack - Copy
Attack Attack is a melee combat skill which determines the accuracy of a player's melee attacks and the types of weapons a player may wield. The higher the Attack level, the fewer misses a player will incur during melee combat. As Attack is a vital skill in melee combat, increasing one's Attack level will increase one's combat level associated with melee.
Strength Strength is a melee combat skill which increases the amount of damage a player can inflict in melee combat by two and a half points per level. Strength is one of the most popular skills among players, having more players of level 99 than any other skill.
Defence Defence is one of the primary combat skills that grants player protection in all forms of combat. For this reason, Defence is one of the skills that will raise the combat level of a player regardless of other combat skill levels. The higher the Defence level, the fewer successful blows an opponent will land against the player, this applies to all combat styles used against the player. Defence is thus a vital skill for enduring attacks for long periods of time, and can be extremely helpful against opponents with high Attack, Ranged, and Magic.
Ranged Ranged Range is one of the three combat classes. It involves in using bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons to take down opponents. Players who specialize in this skill are known as rangers or archers.

The Combat Triangle dictates that Rangers are strong against Mages, but weak against Melee fighters.

A ranged ability to attack from a distance means that a player can safe spot a Melee monster while fighting from safety. However, this is not very useful as Melee monsters have high Ranged defense.
Prayer Prayer Prayer is a skill which grants the player specialized buffs in combat. All players start with limited access to the Prayer skill. As one's Prayer level increases, they gain access to new prayers. As players traverse the land and complete many adventures, they find themselves presented with the opportunity to gain the prayers and blessings.
Magic Magic Magic is a skill that is used to cast various spells, utilizing the power of runes. It is a highly versatile skill, offering valuable benefits to players with high Magic levels. In combat, Magic users (known as "mages") can damage their opponents from a safe distance, as well as freeze them in place, lower their combat stats, and even hit multiple targets at once. It is often used due to the power of its threshold abilities and the option to negatively affect targets using spells such as vulnerability.
Runecrafting Runecrafting Runecrafting is a skill for players to craft runes to enhance, Magic spells. The runes can be made through specific Runecrafting altars.
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering is a skill that consists of killing NPC's for tokens and experience.
Constitution ​Constitution : (also known as health, and formerly as Hitpoints or HP) is a skill that affects how many life points (LP) a player or monster has. Life points represent the amount of damage a player or monster can withstand before it dies. Death occurs when a player or monster's life points reach zero.
Herblore Herblore is a skill that allows players to clean herbs and make their own potions that serve various uses.
Thieving Thieving is a skill in which you steal valuable items and or cash from NPC's and or belongings.
Crafting - Copy
Crafting Crafting is a skill that a player will produce jewelry by cutting gemstones and high level jewelry can made with a higher Crafting level. You may as well pick up flax to produce strings for experience.
Fletching Fletching is a skill where a player can produce ranged equipment ..
Slayer Slayer is a skill that the player will receive a task of defeating certain monsters to level up their slayer level.
Hunter Hunter is a skill that requires to catch various imps all over the hunting area.
Mining Mining is a skill where the player uses a certain pickaxe to extract ores from certain rocks. Mining is usually trained along smithing.
Smithing Smithing is a skill where the player produces metal armors and weapons with the use of anvil and hammer. Smithing is usally trained along mining.
Fishing Icon
Fishing Fishing is a skill that a player will use certain fishing equipment to catch fish within fishing spots.
Cooking Cooking is a skill that allows a player to cook food. Cooking takes place on a fire or range.
Firemaking Firemaking is a skill that a player will burn certain logs with a tinderbox. Firemaking is usually trained along woodcutting.
Woodcutting Woodcutting is a skill that a player will cut down certain type of trees with a hatchet to harvest logs. Woodcutting is beneficial to fletching and firemaking and it usually trained along both skills.
Farming Farming is a skill that allows a player to plant, harvest and grow various plants within the farming patch. Players are able to plant various seeds to obtain variety of herbs for herblore. Farming is usually trained along herblore.
Summoning Summoning is a skill that focuses on calling familiar by creating and using summoning pouches. Summoning also increases your combat level.

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