Sha'Nay Nay's Range Store

This shop contains your casual "Ranging Supplies".

Sha'Nay Nay's Range
Range Store
Item Cost 'gp'
New Crystal Bow 100,000,000
Ava's Accumulator 1,000
Iron Arrow 3
Mithril Arrow 32
Adamant Arrow 260
Rune Arrow 350
Dragon Arrow 6,700
Karil's Crossbow 10,000,000
Bolt Rack 1,000
Karil's Coif 10,000,000
Karil's Top 10,000,000
Karil's Skirt 10,000,000
Dark Bow 20,000,000
Dark Bow (green) 100,000,000
Dark Bow (yellow) 100,000,000
Dark Bow (white) 100,000,000
Dark Bow (blue) 100,000,000
Black D'hide Vambraces 4,320
Black D'hide Body 13,480
Black D'hide Chaps 6,220
Shortbow 50
Rune Knife 1,000
Snakeskin Body 1,250
Snakeskin Chaps 1,175
Snakeskin Boots 250
Hand Cannon Shot 350
Ranger Boots 2,000,000
Dragon Bolts (e) 750,000
Onyx Bolts (e) 1,500,000

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