Who is Searwen?
Question Answer
Name Lesa
Age 24
Hobbies Due to work, I don't get as much time as I would like, to spend on hobbies. I love to sing, make musics, and silly as it may sound, I enjoy playing a good match of soccer.
Working or Studying? I have a full time job. Since august 2012, I've enlisted to be a sailor for the Dutch Navy. I have lovingly served my country ever since, and I still do.
Anything else? Due to being a part of the Navy, I am often gone for sea, but still tend to the forums in my spare time.

Whenever I'm home, I try to support the server as much as I can, including ingame. If you ever have any questions about my work, or anything, feel free to shoot a Forum's PM my way ♥

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