Sea Troll Queen
Combat Level 170
Hitpoints 200
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 6
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness Range
Always Drops coins
Examine It's a Sea Troll Queen.
Sea Troll Queen

"Sea Troll Queen", is a level; 170 boss in DreamScape 317. She lives in the water and she only can be attacked by Range weapons. Sometimes she sends "Cave Slimes" to hit you but the "Cave slimes" do not hit hard at all. She is the ruler of the Sea Trolls, and she attacks the Piscatoris Fishing Colony along with her Sea Trolls. She uses melee so it is advised to fight her directly with "Protect from Melee" (33-34) or (71-72) whilst wearing good defensive armour. She has an extremely high magic defense as well, so watch out.

The best way to kill the "Sea Troll Queen" boss is with a GlockArmadyl Crossbow, or an Assault Rifle. It is also recommended to pray "Soulsplit" (92 Prayer Required).
Since the Sea Troll Queen is a boss, it is included in the Soul System, converting all common and uncommon drops into souls. The Sea Troll Queen, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drop Key Fragments and Treasure Chests.
Possible Loot
Item Quantity Rarity
Big Bones Big Bones 1 1 Always
Dragonbone Melee Gloves Dragonbone Melee Gloves 1 4 Rare
Gnome Scarf. Gnome Scarf. 1 4 Rare
Rainbow Afro Rainbow Afro 1 4 Rare
Rainbow Boots. Rainbow Boots. 1 4 Rare
Rainbow Cape. Rainbow Cape. 1 4 Rare
Rainbow Partyhat Rainbow Partyhat 1 4 Rare
Rainbow Scarf. Rainbow Scarf. 1 4 Rare
Rainbow Kiteshield. Rainbow Kiteshield. 1 5 Very rare
Ice Katana. Ice Katana. 1 5 Very rare
Possible Side Loot
Item Quantity Rarity
Key Fragment (1) Key Fragment (1) 1 4 Rare
Treasure Chest (1) Treasure Chest (1) 1 4 Rare

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