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Dreamscape's cash flow is divided between 4 types of currency in chronological order from worst to best:

GP, Billions, Trillions, Quadrillions.


GP = Gold Piece = 1 (0)

K = Thousand = 1,000 (3)

M = Million = 1,000,000 (6)

B = Billion = 1,000,000,000 (9)

T = Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000 (12)

Q = Quadrillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000 (15)

Ds price guide 680
# Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
24K Brutal Whip -500T+ -Yes
24K Demonic Wings -10T -Yes
24K Kiteshield -10T -Yes
24K Torva Helm -25B - 50B -Yes
24K Torva Platebody -25B-50B -Yes
24K Torva Platelegs -25B-50B -Yes
3rd Age Druidic Cape -500B -Yes
3rd Age Druidic Robe Bottom -350-600B -Yes
3rd Age Druidic Robe Top -350-500B -Yes
3rd Age Druidic Wreath -5B -Yes
3rd Age Full Helm -5T -Yes
3rd Age Kiteshield -25B -Yes
3rd Age Mage Hat -1T -Yes
3rd Age Mage Robe Bottom -1T -Yes
3rd Age Mage Robe Top -1T -Yes
3rd Age Platebody -5T -Yes
3rd Age Platelegs -5T -Yes

Ds price guide 680
A Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Abyssal Rapier -50B -Yes
Abyssal Whip (blue) -1B -Yes
Abyssal Whip (green) -1B -Yes
Abyssal Whip (white) -1B -Yes
Abyssal Whip (yellow) -1B -Yes
Abyssal Whip -1B -Yes
Adamant Partyhat -50-150B -Yes
Agility Helm -20T - 40T/145 Points -Yes
Agility Platebody -15T/145 Points -Yes
Agility Platelegs -20T - 40T/145 Points -Yes
Agility Cape -10-20T/145 Points -Yes
Agility Set -75T - 135T/145 Points -Yes
Agile Legs - 3q+ -Yes
Agile Top - 3q+ -Yes
Ahrim’s Hood -1B -Yes
Ahrim’s Robe Bottom -1B -Yes
Ahrim’s Robe Top -1B -Yes
Ahrim’s Set -4B -Yes
Ahrim’s Staff -1B -Yes
Air Rune -4GP -Yes
Ak-47 -50b -Yes
American Boxing Gloves155$2q+ -Yes
American Cape -No price set yet -Yes
American Partyhat -50B - 150B -Yes
American Pernix Body -100T+ -Yes
American Pernix Chaps -100T+ -Yes
American Pernix Coif -50T+ -Yes
American Pernix Set40$150T-200T -Yes
American Torva Helm (u) -1Q -Yes
American Torva Helm -150T+ -Yes
American Torva Platebody (u) -1Q -Yes
American Torva Platebody -175T+ -Yes
American Torva Platelegs (u) -1Q -Yes
American Torva Platelegs -175T+ -Yes
American Torva Set (u) -3Q -Yes
American Torva Set 50$300T -Yes
American Virtus Mask -75T - 100T -Yes
American Virtus Robe Top -75T - 100T -Yes
American Virtus Robe Legs -75T - 100T -Yes
American Virtus Set35$250T - 350T -Yes
Amulet of Fury (or) -1B -Yes
Amulet of Fury -1B -Yes
Amulet of Glory (4) -15k -Yes
Amulet of Ranging -500M -Yes
Amulet of Strength -3K -Yes
Ancient Body -0GP -Yes
Ancient Chaps -0GP -Yes
Ancient Cloak -1T – 2T -Yes
Ancient Coif -0GP -Yes
Ancient Staff -100M -Yes
Ancient Vambraces -0GP -Yes
Angelic Deathcape -1Q+ -Yes
Angelic Sword -1B -Yes
Anger Mace -1T -Yes
Anger Sword -1B -Yes
Anonymous Mask -15Q+15Q-20QYes
Anti-dragon Shield -10GP – 20GP -Yes
Aphrodite's Helm -No set price -Yes
Aphrodite's Chestplate -No set price -Yes
Aphrodite's Platelegs -No set price -Yes
Aphrodite's Greaves -No set price -Yes
Aphrodite's Gauntlets -No set price -Yes
Aphrodite's Set -No set price -Yes
Aqua Spirit Shield -1Q+ -Yes
Aqua Whip -1B -Yes
Arcane Blast Necklace -No set price -Yes
Arcane Pulse Necklace -No set price -Yes
Arcane Spirit Shield -1B -Yes
Archer Helm -60K -Yes
Archer Ring -50M -Yes
Archers’ Ring (i) -50M -Yes
Arcus Partyhat -1Q+ -Yes
Ardougne Cloak (1) -1T – 2T -Yes
Ardougne Cloak (2) -1T – 2T -Yes
Ardougne Cloak (3) -1T – 2T -Yes
Ardougne Cloak (4) -1T – 2T -Yes
Armadyl Body -0GP -Yes
Armadyl Chainskirt -1B -Yes
Armadyl Chaps -0G -Yes
Armadyl Chestplate -1B -Yes
Armadyl Cloak -1T – 2T -Yes
Armadyl Coif -0GP -Yes
Armadyl Crossbow -50B - 100B -Yes
Armadyl Godsword -1B -Yes
Armadyl Helm -1B -Yes
Armadyl Hilt -1B -Yes
Armadyl Vambraces -0GP -Yes
Artichoke Whip -450T+ -Yes
Ascensions Crossbow -15T - 25T -Yes
Ascensions Offhand Crossbow -10T - 15T -Yes
Assassins Set -25Q+ -Yes
Assault Rifle 15$ 500B-800B -Yes
Astral Rune -50GP -Yes

Ds price guide 680
B Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Balloon - 2Q -Yes
Bandos Body -0GP -Yes
Bandos Boots -1B -Yes
Bandos Chaps -0GP -Yes
Bandos Chestplate -1B -Yes
Bandos Coif -0GP -Yes
Bandos Godsword - 1B -Yes
Bandos Hilt - 1B -Yes
Bandos Pet -350T -Yes
Bandos Spear -1B -Yes
Bandos Tassets -1B -Yes
Bandos Vambraces - 0GP -Yes
Barrelchest Anchor - 500B -Yes
Barrows Partyhat -200B - 300B -Yes
Baseball Bat - 25T+ -Yes
Basket of Eggs - 2B -Yes
Bass Guitar175$5Q+ -Yes
Bat Staff -1B -Yes
Beats -100T+ -Yes
Berserker Helm -100K -Yes
Berserker Ring (i) -50M -Yes
Berserker Ring -50M -Yes
Big Bones -100M -Yes
Bird's Nest -500b-1t -Yes
Black & White Partyhat - 1-2T -Yes
Black Armour (g) Set -6M -Yes
Black Armour (t) Set -750B -Yes
Black Beret -300B - 400B -Yes
Black Boater -100B - 200B -Yes
Black Cane -1B -Yes
Black Cavalier -1B -Yes
Black D’hide Body -6K -Yes
Black D’hide Chaps -6K -Yes
Black D’hide Vambraces - 6K -Yes
Black Dragon Shield -250B - 350B -Yes
Black Dye -150M -Yes
Black Elegant Bottom -1Q+ -Yes
Black Elegant Top -1Q+ -Yes
Black Halloween Mask -50T+ -Yes
Black Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Black Santa Hat -600T+ -Yes
Black Whip - 1B -Yes
Black Wings -800B -Yes
Blacksmith’s Helm -5T -Yes
Blessed Spirit Shield -1B -Yes
Blood Lust Godsword -1B -Yes
Blood Rune -400GP -Yes
Blood Spirit Shield -1T - 2T -Yes
Blood Vine Whip -No Set Price -Yes
Blue Beret - 1T -Yes
Blue Boater -500B -Yes
Blue Boxing Gloves100$1Q -Yes
Blue Brutal Whip -500B -Yes
Blue Deathcape65$ 110T+ -Yes
Blue Demonic Wings -400B -Yes
Blue Dye -150M -Yes
Blue Elegant Bottom -1Q+ -Yes
Blue Elegant Top -1Q+ -Yes
Blue Firelighter - 1GP -Yes
Blue Halloween Mask -5B – 10B -Yes
Blue Infinity Dye -200T -Yes
Blue Lightsaber - 5B -Yes
Blue Partyhat -5B – 10B -Yes
Blue Torva Helm -500B -Yes
Blue Torva Platebody -1T -Yes
Blue Torva Platelegs -1T -Yes
Blue Torva Set12$2.5T -Yes
Blue Wings -25T+ -Yes
Bluefire Wings -10T -Yes
Bobble Scarf - 40B -Yes
Body Rune -3GP -Yes
Bolt Rack -1K -Yes
Bones (Normal) -1GP -Yes
Bong -50B -Yes
Boots (purple) -1B -Yes
Bow of Death -1Q+ -Yes
Brawling Gloves (cooking) -2T – 5T -Yes
Bronze Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Brown Dye -150M -Yes
Brown Wings -10B -Yes
Brutal Whip10$600b -Yes
Bunny Ears -10Q+ -Yes

Ds price guide 680
C Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Callisto Egg -200B -Yes
Camel Mask -2T -Yes
Camel Pet -100T+ -Yes
Canadian Cape -No Set Price -Yes
Candy Cane -2B -Yes
Captain America Shield - 400T-500T -Yes
Candy Spirit Shield -750T -Yes
Casket -1B -Yes
Cat Staff -1B -Yes
Chainsaw -25T+ -Yes
Chaos Elemental Jr (pet) -750T -Yes
Chaos Helm -10q+ -Yes
Chaos Platebody -10q+ -Yes
Chaos Platelegs -10q+ -Yes
Chaos Rune -90GP -Yes
Chaos Talisman - 4GP -Yes
Chaotic Claws -50B -Yes
Chaotic Whip -1B -Yes
Charmander Pet -50T+ -Yes
Chest Key (#1) -3-5T -Yes
Chicken -2B -Yes
Chompy Bird Hat -1GP -Yes
Christmas Cracker -No Set Price -Yes
Christmas Ghost Bottoms -2B -Yes
Christmas Ghost Hood -2B -Yes
Christmas Ghost Top -2B -Yes
Christmas Santa Top -1q+ -Yes
Christmas Santa Bottoms -1q+ -Yes
Collector's Necklace45$350T-450T -Yes
Coloured Infinity Hat - 1q -Yes
Coloured Infinity Robe Bottom -1q -Yes
Coloured Infinity Robe Top -1q -Yes
Colourful Partyhat -No Set Price -Yes
Combat Hood 100 -0GP -Yes
Combat Robe Bottom 100 -0GP -Yes
Combat Robe Top 100 -0GP -Yes
Cooking Gauntlets -1T – 2T -Yes
Corpereal Beast Pet180$100k Loyalty points -No
Crate Of Zanik -300T+ -Yes
Cream Boots - 100T -Yes
Crimson Rifle -unknown -Yes
Crystal Key -500M - 1B -Yes
Cyan Partyhat -10Q+ -Yes
Cyan Whip -1B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
D Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Dagannoth Bones -1B - 2B -Yes
Dagannoth Hide -1K -Yes
Danger Cape -1Gp -Yes
Dark Blue Boots -2T -Yes
Dark Blue Gloves -2T -Yes
Dark Bow (blue) -100M -Yes
Dark Bow (green) - 100M -Yes
Dark Bow (white) -100M -Yes
Dark Bow (yellow) -100M -Yes
Dark Bow -20M -Yes
Darkly Spirit Shield -750T -Yes
Death Rune -280GP -Yes
Death Scythe -500B - 1T -Yes
Deathcape -1B -Yes
Deathly Spear -50B - 100B -Yes
Devil Wings -50T+ -Yes
Dharok’s Greataxe -1B -Yes
Dharok’s Helm -1B -Yes
Dharok’s Platebody -1B -Yes
Dharok’s Platelegs -1B -Yes
Diamond Age Sword -20B -Yes
Diamond Bolts -200GP -Yes
Diamond Cape -50B -Yes
Diamond Partyhat -250B - 300B -Yes
Diamond Pickaxe -2B -Yes
Diamond Wings -300B -Yes
Divine Spirit Shield -1B -Yes
Doctors Hat -1B -Yes
Dominion Sword -1B -Yes
Donator Ticket15$100T -Yes
Double XP Ring3$No price yet -No
Draconic Visage -36M -Yes
Dragon (or) Set -400M – 500M -Yes
Dragon 2H Sword -150K -Yes
Dragon Arrows -6K -Yes
Dragon Battleaxe -100K -Yes
Dragon Bones -200M -Yes
Dragon Boots -10M -Yes
Dragon Caller -25T+ -Yes
Dragon Chainbody -10M -Yes
Dragon Claws (black) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (blue) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (brown) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (green) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (orange) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (pink) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (white) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws (yellow) -5B -Yes
Dragon Claws -50M -Yes
Dragon Dagger (p) -100K -Yes
Dragon Dagger -100K -Yes
Dragon Full Helm (or) -100M -Yes
Dragon Full Helm -10M -Yes
Dragon Halberd -100K -Yes
Dragon Hatchet -30M -Yes
Dragon Kiteshield -2T - 5T -Yes
Dragon Longsword -100K -Yes
Dragon Mace -100K -Yes
Dragon Med Helm -10M -Yes
Dragon Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Dragon Pickaxe -50M -Yes
Dragon Platebody (or) -100M -Yes
Dragon Platebody -10M -Yes
Dragon Platelegs (or) -100M -Yes
Dragon Platelegs -10M -Yes
Dragon Plateskirt -10M -Yes
Dragon Rider Cape -1Q+ -Yes
Dragon Scimitar -100K -Yes
Dragon Set -100M – 250M -Yes
Dragon Spear -100K -Yes
Dragon Staff -1B -Yes
Dragonbone Mage Boots -5B - 10B -Yes
Dragonbone Mage Bottoms -5B - 10B -Yes
Dragonbone Mage Gloves -5B - 10B -Yes
Dragonbone Mage Hat -5B - 10B -Yes
Dragonbone Mage Set -25B - 50B -Yes
Dragonbone Mage Top -5B - 10B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Boots -20B – 25B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Gloves -100-200B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Helm -100B – 200B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platebody -100B – 200B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs -100B – 200B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Set -300B - 600B -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Helm (U) -1 - 2T -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platebody (U) -1 - 2T -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs (U) -1 - 2T -Yes
Dragonbone Melee Set (U) -3T - 6T -Yes
Dragonbone Spirit Shield -50B - 100B -Yes
Dragonfire Shield -10M -Yes
Dream Body Shard 1 -700T -Yes
Dream Body Shard 2 -700T -Yes
Dream Body Shard 3 -700T -Yes
Dream Boots -10Q -Yes
Dream Dagger -400B -Yes
Dream Double Drop Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Double Drop Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Double Drop Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Double Rate Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Double Rate Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Double Rate Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream EXP Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream EXP Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream EXP Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Gloves -10Q -Yes
Dream Helm Shard 1 -600T -Yes
Dream Helm Shard 2 -600T -Yes
Dream Helm Shard 3 -600T -Yes
Dream Katana -5Q -Yes
Dream Legs Shard 1 -700T -Yes
Dream Legs Shard 2 -700T -Yes
Dream Legs Shard 3 -700T -Yes
Dream Magic Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Magic Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Magic Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Mystery Box - 150T - 200T -Yes
Dream Rang Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Rang Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Rang Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Strength Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Strength Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Strength Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Thieving Potion (4h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Thieving Potion (8h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Thieving Potion (24h) -No Set Price -Yes
Dream Wing Boots12$20-30T -Yes
Dreamween -1T -Yes
Drygore Offhand -3B -Yes
Drygore Offhand (u) -100B - 200B -Yes
Dual Berettas - - -No
Dual Godswords -1B -Yes
Dual Haloswords -5B -Yes
Dual Reapers -10B -Yes
Dubby Favorite -1B -Yes
Dwarf Weed Seed -10K -Yes
Dynamic Mystery Box7$75T - 100T -Yes

Ds price guide 680
E Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Earth Rune -4GP -Yes
Easter Carrot -800M -Yes
Easter Egg -1Q+ -Yes
Easter Ring -800T -Yes
Electronic Katana - 10Q+ -Yes
Elder Wand - 500T+ -Yes
Elemental Boots -60T - 80T -Yes
Elemental Brutal Whip -5T -Yes
Elemental Helm -150T - 200T -Yes
Elemental Kiteshield -3T - 5T -Yes
Elemental Platebody -150T - 200T -Yes
Elemental Platelegs -150T - 200T -Yes
Elemental Set -400T - 600T+ -Yes
Elemental Whip -500B - 1T -Yes
Elite Pernix Body -1T -Yes
Elite Pernix Chaps -1T -Yes
Elite Pernix Coif -1T -Yes
Elite Pernix Set -3 - 5T -Yes
Elite Torva Helm -75T -Yes
Elite Torva Platebody -75T -Yes
Elite Torva Platelegs -75T -Yes
Elite Torva Set -225T -Yes
Elite Virtus Legs -10T - 15T -Yes
Elite Virtus Mask -6T - 8T -Yes
Elite Virtus Top -5T - 7T -Yes
Elysian Spirit Shield -1B -Yes
Emperors Box -100T+ -Yes
Emperor Boots -1Q -Yes
Emperor Gloves -1Q -Yes
Emperor Helmet -1Q+ -Yes
Emperor Platebody -1Q -Yes
Emperor Platelelegs -1Q -Yes
Emperor Set -4.5-5.5q -Yes
Epic Archers Ring -1q+ -Yes
Epic Battleaxe -30B - 40B -Yes
Epic Berseker Ring -50T -Yes
Epic Seers Ring -20T -Yes
Extreme Donator Ticket75$1Q+ -Yes
Extreme Scarf -5T -Yes

Ds price guide 680
F Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Faithful Shield - 50B -Yes
Falador Shield (1) -1T -Yes
Falador Shield (2) - 1T -Yes
Falador Shield (3) -1T -Yes
Falador Shield (4) -1T -Yes
Fallen Deathcape20$50T+ -Yes
Fallen Deathcape (U) -500T -Yes
Fancy Boots -1T+ -Yes
Farseer Helm -60K -Yes
Fire Rune -4GP -Yes
Flame Gloves - 350B -Yes
Flame Katana -100B – 200B -Yes
Flame Pernix Body -200B - 250B -Yes
Flame Pernix Chaps - 200B - 250B -Yes
Flame Pernix Coif -200B - 250B -Yes
Flame Pernix Set -500b - 1T -Yes
Flame Scimitar -30B -Yes
Flame Torva Helm -100B - 200B -Yes
Flame Torva Body -100B – 200B -Yes
Flame Torva Legs -100B – 200B -Yes
Flame Torva Set15$300B - 600B -Yes
Flameburst Defender -100B -Yes
Flared Trousers -1B -Yes
Flippers -25T - 50T -Yes
Flowers (black) -500T+ -Yes
Flowers (blue) -1T -Yes
Flowers (mixed) -500T+ -Yes
Flowers (orange) -20T+ -Yes
Flowers (pastel) -100GP - 500GP -Yes
Flowers (purple) -5T+ -Yes
Flowers (red) -5T+ -Yes
Flowers (white) -500T+ -Yes
Flowers (yellow) -5T+ -Yes
Flower Poker Cape -unknown -No
Forester Hat -500B - 750B -Yes
Fox -2B -Yes
Fox Mask -4T+ -Yes
Frost Dragon Bones -1B -Yes
Frosty Mask (blue) -6Q+ -Yes

Ds price guide 680
G Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Ganodermic Leggings -500T -Yes
Ganodermic Poncho -500T -Yes
Ganodermic Visor -500T -Yes
Ganodermic Set -1.5Q -Yes
Ghostly Cloak -250GP -Yes
Ghostly Gloves -250GP -Yes
Ghostly Robe Bottom -300GP -Yes
Ghostly Robe Top -300GP -Yes
Giant’s Hand -100B+ -Yes
Gilded Helm -5B – 10B -Yes
Gilded Kiteshield -10B -Yes
Gilded Platebody -20b -Yes
Gilded Platelegs -20b -Yes
Gilded Set -40B – 60B -Yes
Glaiven Boots -1B -Yes
Glock3$15B -Yes
Gloves (purple) -1b -Yes
Gnome Scarf -100B - 200B -Yes
God Dagger -1B -Yes
Godly Sword -10B - 20B -Yes
Godsword Blade -50M -Yes
Gold AGS -2B -Yes
Gold Brutal Whip -1T -Yes
Gold Chain12$2T -Yes
Gold Chain (Megadonator) - 10T -Yes
Gold Deathcape -1B -Yes
Gold Halloween Mask -4T+ -Yes
Golden Katana -15T -Yes
Gold Lightsaber -5B -Yes
Golden Ak-4765$200T+ -Yes
Golden Minigun195$5Q+ -Yes
Golden Pickaxe -1B -Yes
Golf Putter -50T+ -Yes
Graceful Boots - - -No
Graceful Cape - - -No
Graceful Gloves - - -No
Graceful Hood - - -No
Graceful Legs - - -No
Graceful Top - - -No
Grain -2B -Yes
Granite Maul -50K -Yes
Gravity Hammer -No price set -Yes
Green Boater -1T – 2T -Yes
Green Dragon Wings -150T -Yes
Green Dye -150M -Yes
Green Elegant Bottom -1Q -Yes
Green Elegant Top -1Q -Yes
Green Halloween Mask -5B -Yes
Green Lightsabers -3q+ -Yes
Green Partyhat -5B – 10B -Yes
Green Scythe -3T -Yes
Green Tricorn Hat -50B -Yes
Green Whip -1B -Yes
Grenade - - -No
Grim Reaper Hood -60T -Yes
Guthan’s Chainskirt -1B -Yes
Guthan’s Helm -1B -Yes
Guthan’s Platebody -1B -Yes
Guthan’s Warspear -1B -Yes
Guthix Body -1.5T -Yes
Guthix Chaps -1.5T -Yes
Guthix Coif - 1.5T -Yes
Guthix Cloak -2T – 3T -Yes
Guthix Set -5T -Yes
Guthix Staff -80K -Yes
Guthix Vambraces -1.5T -Yes

Ds price guide 680
H Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
H.A.M. Boots -No set price -Yes
H.A.M. Bottom -50T -Yes
H.A.M. Cloak -50T -Yes
H.A.M. Gloves -No set price -Yes
H.A.M. Hood -50T -Yes
H.A.M. Set (shirt, bottom, cloak) -150T -Yes
H.A.M. Top -50T -Yes
Hallucination Torva Helm -500T -Yes
Hallucination Torva Platebody -500T -Yes
Hallucination Torva Platelegs -500T -Yes
Hallucination Torva Set -1.5Q -Yes
Hand Cannon Shot -500GP -Yes
Heart Crystal -2Q -Yes
Hell Wings -1b -Yes
Helm of Neitiznot -100K -Yes
Highwayman Mask -5T+ -Yes
Honorable Bow -No set price -Yes
Hot Katana -150B - 350B -Yes
H'ween Lantern -500T -Yes
Hylian Shield -25B - 50B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
I Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Ice Bow -No set price -Yes
Ice Gloves -1b -Yes
Ice Katana13$8T - 12T -Yes
Ice Offhand -10T - 15T -Yes
Icy Bones -3B - 5B -Yes
Icy Boots -10T - 15T -Yes
Icy Brutal Whip -50T+ -Yes
Icy Deathcape -No set price -Yes
Icy Glaive1,000$90Q+ -Yes
Icy Kiteshield -10T -Yes
Icy Quest Deathcape -No set price -Yes
Icy Santa -15T -Yes
Icy Spirit Shield -1T+ -Yes
Icy Torva Helm -8Q -Yes
Icy Torva Platebody -8Q -Yes
Icy Torva Platelegs -8Q -Yes
Icy Torva Set -30Q+ -Yes
Icy Whip -7T+ -Yes
Icy Wings -25T -Yes
Infinity Boots -10M -Yes
Infinity Gloves -10M -Yes
Infinity Hat -20T+ -Yes
Infinity Robe Bottom -10M -Yes
Infinity Robe Top -10M -Yes
Initiate Cuisse -8K -Yes
Initiate Hauberk -10K -Yes
Initiate Sallet -6K -Yes
Inga Body -40T -Yes
Inga Helm -40T -Yes
Inga Legs -40T -Yes
Inga Sword -2T+ -Yes
Invictus Box5$20T - 25T -Yes
Invictus Crossbow -30T - 40T -Yes
Invictus Staff -50T - 75T -Yes
Invictus Sword -40T - 50T -Yes
Iron 2H Sword -1GP -Yes
Iron Arrow -1GP -Yes
Iron Full Helm -150GP -Yes
Iron Kiteshield -150GP -Yes
Iron Nail -1GP -Yes
Iron Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Iron Pickaxe -150GP -Yes
Iron Platebody -150GP -Yes
Iron Platelegs - 150GP -Yes
Iron Scimitar -1GP -Yes
Iron Sq. Shield -150GP -Yes

Ds price guide 680
J Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Jack O' Lantern Head -unknown -Yes
Jack O Lantern Mask -500T -Yes
Jack Bottom -unknown -Yes
Jack Top -unknown -Yes
Jester Scarf -200B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
K Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Kangaroo -15Q+ -Yes
Karil’s Coif -1B -Yes
Karil’s Crossbow -1B -Yes
Karil’s Skirt -1B -Yes
Karil’s Top -1B -Yes
Karmaja Gloves (1) -100B – 200B -Yes
Karmaja Gloves (2) -100B – 200B -Yes
Karmaja Gloves (3) -100B – 200B -Yes
Karmaja Gloves (4) -100B – 200B -Yes
Katana of Stars -50B -Yes
King Donator Cape -1.5Q -Yes
King Donator Partyhat -750T -Yes
King of Rasta Cape -1Q -Yes
Kitchen Knife -100T -Yes
Korasi Sword -600B - 800B -Yes
Kril Full Helm (PVM) - 500-1Q -Yes
Kril PlateBody (PVM) - 500T-1Q -Yes
Kril Platelegs (PVM) - 500T-1Q -Yes
Kril set (PVM) - 1.5Q-3q -Yes
Kronic Dragon Wings -1Q -Yes

Ds price guide 680
L Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Labrador -No set price -Yes
Lava Partyhat -250B - 500B -Yes
Lava Santa Hat -450T -Yes
Lava Spirit Shield -20T -Yes
Lava Torva Set1,150$ No Set Price -Yes
Lava Whip -25B - 50B -Yes
Law Rune -240GP -Yes
Leaf-bladed Sword -75B -Yes
Legendary Battle Axe -5Q+ -Yes
Legendary Boxing Gloves -1Q -Yes
Legendary Death Cape -2Q+ -Yes
Legendary Helm -2Q+ -Yes
Legendary Katana -5Q+ -Yes
Legendary Kiteshield -5Q+ -Yes
Legendary Partyhat -2Q+ -Yes
Legendary Platebody -2Q+ -Yes
Legendary Platelegs -2Q+ -Yes
Legendary Santa Hat -2Q+ -Yes
Legendary Spirit Shield -500T+ -Yes
Legendary Top Hat -5Q+ -Yes
Legendary Whip -500T+ -Yes
Legendary Wings -1Q -Yes
Legends Cape -500T -Yes
Level 1 Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Level 2 Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Level 3 Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Level 4 Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Level 5 Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Level 1 healer200$3Q -Yes
Level 1 Collector200$3Q -Yes
Level 1 Defender200$3Q -Yes
Level 1 Attacker200$3Q -Yes
Lime Deathcape -1B -Yes
Lime Partyhat -1T -Yes
Lime Santa -450T -Yes
Lime Whip -1B -Yes
Logs (normal) -1K -Yes
Luigi's Head -200T -Yes
Lumberjack Axe -10T -Yes
Lunar Cape -2B -Yes
Lunar Helm -2B -Yes
Lunar Legs -2B -Yes
Lunar Torso -2B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
M Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Magegray Pet -50T -Yes
Magic Logs -55K -Yes
Magic Potion (4) - 300GP -Yes
Magic Shortbow -6K -Yes
Maul Of Omens -No set price -Yes
Malevolent Helm -5T -Yes
Malevolent Platebody -5T -Yes
Malevolent Platelegs -5T -Yes
Malevolent Set -12T - 15T -Yes
Maple Logs -8K -Yes
Mario's Head -250T -Yes
Master Corruption -1B -Yes
Master of Salvation - 1B -Yes
Max Level Donator cape -1Q+ -Yes
Mayo Pet -Unknown -No
Mime Boots -500B -Yes
Mime Gloves -1T -Yes
Mime Legs -1T -Yes
Mime Mask -1T -Yes
Mime Top -1T -Yes
Mind Rune -3GP -Yes
Minecraft Helm -2B -Yes
Minigun155$2Q+ -Yes
Mining Helm -5T -Yes
Mithril 2H Sword -1K -Yes
Mithril Battleaxe -10K -Yes
Mithril Hatchet -10K -Yes
Mithril Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Mithril Seeds -1GP -Yes
Mole Nose -1B -Yes
Monkey Lover -1B -Yes
Moonclan Hat -500M -Yes
Morphing Ring45$500T -Yes
Morrigans Leather Body -5T -Yes
Morrigans Leather Chaps -5T -Yes
Morrigans Set -10T -Yes
Mud Battlestaff -200M -Yes
Mudskipper Hat -1T -Yes
Mummy Pet -No Set Price -Yes
Mystery Box -25B+ -Yes
Mystic Boots (black) -10K -Yes
Mystic Boots (blue) -10K -Yes
Mystic Boots (gold) -10K -Yes
Mystic Gloves (black) -10K -Yes
Mystic Gloves (blue) - 10K -Yes
Mystic Gloves (gold) -10K -Yes
Mystic Hat (black) -50K -Yes
Mystic Hat (blue) -50K -Yes
Mystic Hat (gold) -50K -Yes
Mystic Robe Bottom (black) -50K -Yes
Mystic Robe Bottom (blue) -50K -Yes
Mystic Robe Bottom (gold) -50K -Yes
Mystic Robe Top (black) -100K -Yes
Mystic Robe Top (blue) -100K -Yes
Mystic Robe Top (gold) -100K -Yes

Ds price guide 680
N Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Nature Rune -180GP -Yes
New Crystal Bow -100M -Yes
Nex Key -200B -Yes
Nex Soul -2B -Yes
Nocturnal Chain25$3T -Yes
Nurse Hat -25B -Yes
Nutella Pet -unknown -No

Ds price guide 680
O Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Oak Logs -3K -Yes
Oblivatory Sword - 1B -Yes
Oblivion Helmet - 200T -Yes
Oblivion Platebody - 200T -Yes
Oblivion Platelegs - 200T -Yes
Oblivion Armour Set - 600T -Yes
Oblivion Sycthe - 3q+ -Yes
Obsidian Cape -60K -Yes
Omni Talisman Staff -No set price -Yes
Onyx Bolts -1.5M -Yes
Orange Boater -1T – 2T -Yes
Orange Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Orange Dye - 150M -Yes
Ornate Katana -50T+ -Yes
Owner Cape475$50Q - 60Q -No

Ds price guide 680
P Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Party Pete Hat -50T -Yes
Party Pie50$ 500T -Yes
Penguin Bones -1B -Yes
Penguin Mask -1B -Yes
Penguin Staff -1B -Yes
Pennywise Boots -unknown -Yes
Pennywise Bottoms -unknown -Yes
Pennywise Top -unknown -Yes
Pernix Body -10B – 15B -Yes
Pernix Chaps -10B – 15B -Yes
Pernix Cowl -10B – 15B -Yes
Pernix Set -30B – 40B -Yes
Pete Hat -unknown -Yes
Pet Mystery Box -10T – 15T -Yes
Pharaoh’s Sceptre -No set price -Yes
Phoenix Bones -15B -Yes
Phoenix Egg -150T+ -Yes
Phoenix Whip -3T - 5T -Yes
Piano -1Q - 2Q -Yes
Pimp Hand -unknown -No
Pikachu Egg -1T - 2T -Yes
Pink / Hot Halloween -5T -Yes
Pink Boots -100T -Yes
Pink Dildo -500T -Yes
Pink Dye -150M -Yes
Pink Hat -1GP -Yes
Pink Partyhat -500B+ -Yes
Pink Santa -2Q+ -Yes
Pink Skirt -No set price -Yes
Pink Whip (Chaos Elemental) -100B -Yes
Pink Whip -1B -Yes
Pink Wings -No set price -Yes
Pirate Boots -1B -Yes
Pirate Set -1T -Yes
Pokeball -500T+ -Yes
Polypore Staff -300M -Yes
Prayer Potion (4) -190GP -Yes
Predator Torva Helm -No price set yet -Yes
Predator Torva Platebody -No price set yet -Yes
Predator Torva Platelegs -No price set yet -Yes
Predator Torva Set -No price set yet -Yes
Primal Battleaxe -10B -Yes
Primal Boots -50B -Yes
Primal Chainbody - 50B -Yes
Primal Dagger -10B -Yes
Primal Gauntlets -50B -Yes
Primal Hatchet -10B -Yes
Primal Helm -50B -Yes
Primal Kiteshield -50B -Yes
Primal Knife -10B -Yes
Primal Longsword - 10B -Yes
Primal Maul -10B -Yes
Primal Pickaxe - 10B -Yes
Primal Platebody -50B -Yes
Primal Platelegs -50B -Yes
Primal Plateskirt - 50B -Yes
Primal Rapier -250B – 500B -Yes
Primal Set -100B – 150B -Yes
Primal Spear -10B -Yes
Primal Two-handed Sword -10B -Yes
Primal Warhammer -10B -Yes
Prime Torva Helm -100B -Yes
Prime Torva Platebody -100B -Yes
Prime Torva Platelegs -100B -Yes
Prime Torva Set -300B -Yes
Prince Tunic -10B -Yes
Prod Cape -70Q+ -Yes
Pumpkin Egg -500T -Yes
Purple Elegant Bottom -1Q -Yes
Purple Elegant Top -1Q -Yes
Purple Partyhat -5B – 10B -Yes
Purple Santa750$30Q+ -Yes
Purple Sweets - 1M -Yes

Ds price guide 680
Q Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Quadron Box 5$60T - 80T -Yes
Queen Donator Cape -1Q -Yes
Quickscope -No set price -Yes

Ds price guide 680
R Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Radiation Whip -1B -Yes
Ragefire Boots -1B -Yes
Raichu Egg -8T -Yes
Rainbow Afro -25B -Yes
Rainbow Armour Set12$500B -Yes
Rainbow Boots -20B – 30B -Yes
Rainbow Brutal Whip -1Q -Yes
Rainbow Cape -25B -Yes
Rainbow Dragon Wings -1Q+ -Yes
Rainbow Godsword -1B -Yes
Rainbow Kiteshield -50B -Yes
Rainbow Lance -1B – 2B -Yes
Rainbow Partyhat -200B – 250B -Yes
Rainbow Santa Hat -500T -Yes
Rainbow Scarf -10B -Yes
Rainbow Torva Platebody -50B -Yes
Rainbow Torva Platelegs -50B -Yes
Rainbow Wings -50B -Yes
Ranger Boots -50M -Yes
Ranging Potion (4) -360GP -Yes
Rasta Claws -250T+ -Yes
Rasta Hat -25T -Yes
Rasta Whip -500B - 1T -Yes
Rasta Wings -500T -Yes
Red Boater -1T – 2T -Yes
Red Boxing Gloves -1Q -Yes
Red Dragon Wings - 250T -Yes
Red Dye -150M -Yes
Red Elegant Top -1Q -Yes
Red Elegant Bottom -1Q -Yes
Red Glass Wings -5Q -Yes
Red Halloween -5B - 10B -Yes
Red Infinity Dye -50B -Yes
Red Lance -50B -Yes
Red Lightsaber -5B -Yes
Red Partyhat -5B – 10B -Yes
Reindeer Hat -800T -Yes
Reward Token (blue) -100M -Yes
Reward Token (yellow) -100M -Yes
Ring of Life -3K -Yes
Ring of Recoil -3K -Yes
Ring of Wealth (i)50$400T+ -Yes
Ring of Wealth -25M -Yes
Robin Hood Hat (blue) -1B -Yes
Robin Hood Hat (red) - 1B -Yes
Robin Hood Hat (white) -1B -Yes
Robin Hood Hat (yellow) -1B -Yes
Robin Hood Hat -1B -Yes
Rock Climbing Boots -5K -Yes
Rock-Shell Boots -1M -Yes
Rock-Shell Gloves -1M -Yes
Rock-Shell Helm -1M -Yes
Rock-Shell Platebody -1M -Yes
Rock-Shell Platelegs -1M -Yes
Rouge Cape (PVM) - 750T-1Q -Yes
Rouge Helm (PVM) - 750T-1Q -Yes
Rouge Platebody (PVM) - 750T-1Q -Yes
Rouge Platelegs (PVM) - 750T-1Q -Yes
Rouge Set (PVM) - 3Q-4Q -Yes
Royal Crown -0GP -Yes
Royal Leggings -0GP -Yes
Royal Sceptre - 0GP -Yes
Royal Shirt -0GP -Yes
Royal Sicle (u) -500B -Yes
Royal Sicle -250B -Yes
Rune (g) Set - 20M -Yes
Rune (t) Set -20M -Yes
Rune Arrow -300GP -Yes
Rune Bar -3K -Yes
Rune Boots -50K -Yes
Rune Chainbody -50K -Yes
Rune Claws -50K -Yes
Rune Crossbow - 50K -Yes
Rune Dagger -50K -Yes
Rune Darts -500GP -Yes
Rune Essence -4GP -Yes
Rune Full Helm -50K -Yes
Rune Halberd -50K -Yes
Rune Hatchet -50K -Yes
Rune Kiteshield -50K -Yes
Rune Knife -1K -Yes
Rune Longsword -50K -Yes
Rune Mace -50K -Yes
Rune Med Helm -50K -Yes
Rune Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Rune Pickaxe -50K -Yes
Rune Platebody -50K -Yes
Rune Platelegs -50K -Yes
Rune Plateskirt -50K -Yes
Rune Scimitar -50K -Yes
Rune Spear - 50K -Yes
Rune Sq. Shield -50K -Yes
Rune Sword -50K -Yes
Runite Ore -25K -Yes

Ds price guide 680
S Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Sacred Clay Pickaxe -0GP -Yes
Santa Boots -500T -Yes
Santa Costume Bottom -500T -Yes
Santa Costume Top - 500T -Yes
Santa Gloves -500T -Yes
Santa Set -2Q+ -Yes
Santa Hat -5B – 10B -Yes
Santa Jr - 500T+ -Yes
Saradomin Body - 1.5T -Yes
Saradomin Brew (4) -10K -Yes
Saradomin Chaps -1.5T -Yes
Saradomin Cloak -1T - 2T -Yes
Saradomin Coif -1.5T -Yes
Saradomin D’hide Set -5T -Yes
Saradomin Godsword -1B -Yes
Saradomin Halo -500B -Yes
Saradomin Hilt -1B -Yes
Saradomin Staff -80K -Yes
Saradomin Sword -1B -Yes
Saradomin Vambraces -500B -Yes
Scoped Rifle (u) -2-3T -Yes
Scorpia Egg -50B – 100B -Yes
Scythe -1GP -Yes
Seercull -750B – 2T -Yes
Seers’ Ring (i) -50M -Yes
Seers’ Ring -50M -Yes
Shadow Boots -50T -Yes
Shadow Brutal Whip -5T -Yes
Shadow Cleaver -50T -Yes
Shadow Helm -100T -Yes
Shadow Torva Helm (U) -4Q -Yes
Shadow Kiteshield -2.5T -Yes
Shadow Platebody -100T -Yes
Shadow Torva Platebody (U) -4Q -Yes
Shadow Platelegs - 100T -Yes
Shadow Torva Platelegs (U) -4Q -Yes
Shadow Set -180T - 250T -Yes
Shadow Star -4Q -Yes
Shadow Whip -2T -Yes
Shadow Wings -5T -Yes
Shasta Brutal Whip -2T -Yes
Shasta Wings -1Q -Yes
Shield Left Half -100K -Yes
Shield Right Half - 500K -Yes
Shortbow -1GP -Yes
Silly Jester Set -10 - 15T -Yes
Silver Chain200$2Q -3Q -Yes
Silver Space Sword -50T -Yes
Skele Mask -No price set yet -Yes
Skele Sword - 1B -Yes
Skeletal Boots -1M -Yes
Skeletal Bottoms -1M -Yes
Skeletal Gloves -1M -Yes
Skeletal Helm -1M -Yes
Skeletal Top -1M -Yes
Skeleton Boots -500M -Yes
Skeleton Gloves -500M -Yes
Skeleton Leggings -1.5B -Yes
Skeleton Mask -1.5B -Yes
Skeleton Shirt -1.5B -Yes
Sky Santa Hat -2Q -Yes
Slayer Helmet - -Yes
Sled -175T -Yes
Soul Rune -800GP -Yes
Soulflare (u) -900T+ -Yes
Soulflare75$550-650T -Yes
Space Jam Sword -75T+ -Yes
Spacejam Sword (u) - 200T+ -Yes
Spade -1GP -Yes
Spectral Godsword -1B -Yes
Spectral Spirit Shield -1B -Yes
Spiked Battleaxe -50B -Yes
Spined Body -1M -Yes
Spined Boots -1M -Yes
Spined Gloves -1M -Yes
Spined Helm -1M -Yes
Spined Legs -1M -Yes
Spirit Shield -1B -Yes
Spotted Cape - 1B -Yes
Spottier Cape -1B -Yes
Staff -1GP -Yes
Staff of Ice -8T+ -Yes
Staff of Lava -10T - 15T -Yes
Staff of Light (blue) -1B -Yes
Staff of Light (green) -1B -Yes
Staff of Light (red) -1B -Yes
Staff of Light (yellow) -1B -Yes
Staff of Light -100M -Yes
Starter Sword -1 GP -Yes
Statius’ Full Helm -1B -Yes
Statius’ Platebody - 1B -Yes
Statius’ Platelegs - 1B -Yes
Statius’ Set -1B -Yes
Statius’s Warhammer -1B -Yes
Steadfast Boots -1B -Yes
Steel Kiteshield -1 GP -Yes
Steel Partyhat -200B – 300B -Yes
Steel Pickaxe -500GP -Yes
Steel Sq. Shield -10GP -Yes
Super Attack (4) -255GP -Yes
Super Defence (4) -330GP -Yes
Super Donator Ticket30$250T+ -Yes
Super Mystery Box5$20T -Yes
Super Restore (4) -300GP -Yes
Super Strength (4) -275GP -Yes
Sword of 1000 truths -50B - 75BB -Yes
Sword of Fear -1B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
T Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Team 50 Cape -1GP -Yes
Tennis Racquet -10Q+ -Yes
Tentacle Whip -1T -Yes
Thor's Hammer (PVP) -No Set Price -Yes
Thugbob Egg -100B – 200B -Yes
Top Hat -1B -Yes
Torag’s Hammers -10M -Yes
Torag’s Helm - 10M -Yes
Torag’s Platebody -10M -Yes
Torag’s Platelegs -10M -Yes
Tormented Demon Egg -200B -Yes
Tormented Demon Mask - 200T -Yes
Torva Helm -10B – 20B -Yes
Torva Platebody -15B – 20B -Yes
Torva Platelegs - 15B – 20B -Yes
Torva Set -60B -Yes
Toy Gun -1T -Yes
Trainee Helm -1GP -Yes
Trainee Platebody -1GP -Yes
Trainee Platelegs -1GP -Yes
Tri-Jester Scarf -50B -Yes
Trusted Dicer Cape -unknown -No
TzHaar-Ket-Om (obby maul) -50K -Yes

Ds price guide 680
U Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Uber Sword -20B -Yes
Ultimate Dragon Wings -1T - 2T -Yes
Undead Chicken - 25B -Yes
Unholy Book -1K -Yes

Ds price guide 680
V Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Vanguard Body -10B – 20B -Yes
Vanguard Boots -10B – 20B -Yes
Vanguard Gloves -10B – 20B -Yes
Vanguard Helm -10B – 20B -Yes
Vanguard Legs - 10B – 20B -Yes
Vanguard Set -50B – 100B -Yes
Varrock Armour Set - 1T – 2T -Yes
Venenatis Egg -50B – 100B -Yes
Verac’s Brassard -10M -Yes
Verac’s Flail -10M -Yes
Verac’s Helm -10M -Yes
Verac’s Tassets -10M -Yes
Vesta Chainbody -500M -Yes
Vesta Longsword -1B -Yes
Vesta Plateskirt -1B -Yes
Vesta Set -5B – 10B -Yes
Vet’ion Egg -100B – 200B -Yes
Vial of Water -1GP -Yes
Virtus Mask -300B - 400B -Yes
Virtus Robe Bottom -300B - 400B -Yes
Virtus Robe Top -300B - 400B -Yes
Virtus Set -900B - 1.2T -Yes
Vote Book (necromancy book) -200B - 250B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
W Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Warrior Helm -60K -Yes
Warrior Ring (i) - 50m -Yes
Warrior ring - 50M -Yes
Water Battlestaff - 1B -Yes
Water Rune -4GP -Yes
Web Cloak -1.5B -Yes
Weed Cape -1B -Yes
Weed Chain -2Q+ -Yes
Weed Deathcape -1B -Yes
White Apron -100B – 250B -Yes
White Armour Set -8B – 10B -Yes
White Beret -500B – 1T -Yes
White Boots -2B -Yes
White Dye -150M -Yes
White Full Helm -2B -Yes
White Glass Wings - 600B - 750B -Yes
White Gloves -2B -Yes
White Infinity Dye -20T -Yes
White Kiteshield -2B -Yes
White Partyhat -5B – 10B -Yes
White Platebody - 2B -Yes
White Platelegs -2B -Yes
White Santa Hat -350B -Yes
White Scimitar -2B -Yes
White Unicorn Mask -100B -Yes
White Wings -1B -Yes
Winter Halloween -35Q+ -Yes
Wizzy Torva Helm -2T - 5T -Yes
Wizzy Torva Platebody -2T - 5T -Yesgm
Wizzy Torva Platelegs - 2T - 5T -Yes
Wizzy Torva Set -6T – 15T -Yes
World Eater Set -No set price -Yes
Wolf Cub Pet -10Q+ -Yes
Wolf Staff -1B -Yes
Wolverine Torva Helm -50B - 100B -Yes
Wolverine Torva Platebody -50B - 100B -Yes
Wolverine Torva Platelegs -50B - 100B -Yes
Wolverine Torva Wings -300T -Yes
Wolverine Torva Brutal Whip -Unknown -No
Wolverine Torva Set -150B – 300B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
Y Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Yellow Converse -50B -Yes
Yellow Dragon Wings (SMB) -500B - 1T -Yes
Yellow Demonic Wings (Vorago) -80T – 100T -Yes
Yellow Dye -150M -Yes
Yellow Glass Wings -500T -Yes
Yellow Partyhat -5B – 10B -Yes
Yellow Santa -3Q - 4Q -Yes
Yellow Vine Whip -150T -Yes
Yellow Wings -1B -Yes

Ds price guide 680
Z Webstore $ In-Game Value Price Range Tradable
Zamorak Body -1.5T -Yes
Zamorak Chaps -1.5T -Yes
Zamorak Cloak -2T – 3T -Yes
Zamorak Coif -1.5T -Yes
Zamorak D’hide Set -5T -Yes
Zamorak Godsword -1B -Yes
Zamorak Hilt -1B -Yes
Zamorak Staff -80K -Yes
Zamorak Vambraces -250B - 500B -Yes
Zaryte Bow -500B - 1T -Yes
Zephyrium Rapier -No set price or 25K Loyalty Points -Yes
Zombie Body -200B -Yes
Zombie Boots -200B -Yes
Zombie Gloves -200B -Yes
Zombie Legs -200B -Yes
Zombie Mask -200B -Yes
Zombie Pet -No Set Price -Yes
Zuriel Robe Bottom -1B -Yes
Zuriel Robe Top -1B -Yes
Zuriel Set -2B -Yes

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