Pk Point Shop

Use this shop to exchange your PK Points for PVP (Player vs Player) weapons / necessities.

This shop it located at ::home.

Sir Jerro
PK Point Shop
Items PK Points
Royal Sicle 800
Spiked Battle-axe 100
Abyssal Tentacle 2,500
Gilded Platebody 20
Gilded Platelegs 20
Elysian Spirit Shield 20
Torva Full Helm 30
Torva Platebody 30
Torva Platelegs 30
Statius's Full Helm 15
Statius's Platebody 15
Statius's Platelegs 15
Primal Rapier (b) 300
Anger Mace 1,000
Zaryte Bow 2,000
Sword of 1000 Truths 500
Wizzy Torva Helm 2,000
Wizzy Torva Body 2,000
Wizzy Torva Legs 2,000

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