Your "Personal Pet" that will follow you anywhere you go. It might be underneath you hiding, so don't freakout. You can also, pick it up, and hatch it whenever you want.

Item Quantity Rarity
Callisto Egg Callisto Egg N/A 2 Common
Pikachu Pokeball Pikachu Pokeball N/A 2 Common
Thugbob Egg Thugbob Egg N/A 2 Common
Vet'ion Vet'ion N/A 3 Uncommon
Scorpia Egg Scorpia Egg N/A 4 Rare
Venenatis Egg Venenatis Egg N/A 4 Rare
Tormented Demon Egg Tormented Demon Egg N/A 4 Rare
Magegray Pet Magegray Pet 10+ In–game 4 Rare
Wolf Cub Egg Wolf Cub Egg 15 – 30 In–Game. 4 Rare
Sheep Dog Sheep Dog 3 – 4 In–Game. 5 Very rare
Bandos Egg Bandos Egg 15 – 20 In–Game. 5 Very rare
Phoenix egg Phoenix egg 15+ In–Game. 5 Very rare
Party Pie Party Pie 2 – 3 In–Game. 5 Very rare
Camel Pet Camel Pet 50+ In–Game. 5 Very rare
Kangaroo Pet Kangaroo Pet 1–2 In–Game 5 Very rare
Santa jr. Pet Santa jr. Pet N/A 5 Very rare
Chaos Elemental Jr. Chaos Elemental Jr. 2 5 Very rare

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