Party Pete

Costume items exclusively ONLY for donators. This shop is located at the "Regular Donator Island".

How to get there:

  1. Click on your Armour Tab.
  2. Click the $, which is located at the bottom.
  3. Click on Teleport to Donator-Zone!
  4. Click on Donator Zone.
Party Pete
Donor Shop
Items Cost 'gp'
Royal Shirt 0
Royal Leggings 0
Royal Sceptre 0
Royal Crown 0
Royal Amulet 0
Bandos Body 0
Bandos Chaps 0
Bandos Vambraces 0
Ancient Coif 0
Ancient Body 0
Ancient Chaps 0
Ancient Vambraces 0
Armadyl Coif 0
Armadyl Body 0
Armadyl Chaps 0
Armadyl Vambraces 0
Combat Hood 100 0
Combat Robe Top 100 0
Combat Robe Bottom 100 0

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