Official Dice Clan Chat
The "Dice" clan chat (CC) is accessible for any member to join but only the members who have purchased a rank on the forums have the ability talk in the CC. The members who are ranked in this clan chat have access to: HostingDice Dueling (without consequence), and even Middle-Manning. But, you can only Middle-Man the value of the rank that you have paid for.
Rank Info

Each rank in the CC is paid for separately. Even though a member may be ranked in this clan chat, that DOES NOT mean they are 100% trustedANYONE can choose to scam at any time. This also goes for the Trusted Dicer's.

Trusted Dicers who also apply for their rank, automatically receive General Rank. If you wish to purchase a ''Dice'' cc rank, please talk with vl0ne about it since he is our new Gambling Manager.

Recruit - 75T
Corporal - 150T
Sergent - 200T
Lieutenant - 250T
Captain - 450T
General = Trusted Dicer
Other Info

For applying for Trusted Dicer, you must have the following format:

Rank apply for:

Rank in dice cc:

Total time in-game:

Time zone:



Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host:

If someone was to report a that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation:

Here is the link to the forum page that covers the rules and this format in a template to use

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