Loyalty Point Shop

Be LOYAL to Dreamscape!

It is as simple as that!

You are rewarded for every hour that you play.

People who have donated will also receive additional points.

- 100 points for regular players.

- 110 points for donator up.

Loyalty Shop is located at home shops.

Loyalty Shop


Titles Cost
The Addict 10,000 Points
The Rich 5,500 Points
The Legendary 4,500 Points
Stoner 4,000 Points
Assassin 3,500 Points
The Joker 3,000 Points
The Fashionable 2,500 Points
The Furious 2,000 Points


Item Name Cost
Veteran Cape
Veteran Cape 100,000 Points
Torva Set
Torva Set 5,000 Points
Gilded Set 3,000 Points 
Bong 1,000 Points


Pets Name Cost
Corporal Beast

Corp Pet

+15% Damage/Droprate

-15% Damage taken

100,000 Points

Shadow King
Shadow King Pet

+10% Damage/Droprate

-10% Damage taken

75,000 Points
Magegray Pet
Magegray Pet 50,000 Points
Charamander Pet 25,000 Points

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