EXP Lamp

Lamp Interface

Xp Lamps are most commonly used by players of DreamScape to quickly advance their skills. P layers are free to hold or even bank the xp lamps, they do not have to use them straight away. Players are able to use the xp lamps where ever they choose.
Lamp detail
LEVEL Normal EXP Double EXP Hardcore / Iron-Man EXP Double EXP
1,500,000 3,000,000 15,000 30,000
1-99 9 Lamps 5 Lamps 869 Lamps 435 Lamps
99-120 61 Lamps 31 Lamps 6,083 Lamps 3,042 Lamps
1-120 70 Lamps 35 Lamps 6,952 Lamps 3,475 Lamps
120-Max 64 Lamps 32 Lamps 6,382 Lamps 3,191 Lamps
Double XP Ring

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