King Black Dragon
"King Black Dragon" is the fiercest of the all dragons. An intimidating three heads sit on the neck of this beast. Bring an Anti-Fire Shield so that you do not get badly burnt by the fire!
Black Dragon
You can use any attack style! Just remember that you for sure bring an Anti-Fire Shield so that you do not get badly burnt by this beast. Quickest way to kill King Black Dragon is to use a Royal Sicle or Assault Rifle in combination with Soul Split.
Since the King Black Dragon is a boss, it is included in the Soul System, converting all common and uncommon drops into souls. The King Black Dragon, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drop Key Fragments and Treasure Chests.
Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Black Dragon Leather Black Dragon Leather 1 1 Always
Dragon Bones Dragon Bones 1 1 Always
Key Fragment Key Fragment 1 4 Rare
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1 4 Rare
Draconic Visage Draconic Visage 1 5 Very rare
Black Dragon Shield Black Dragon Shield 1 5 Very rare

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