Hunter is a skill where players catch different animals and creatures. Although Hunter is a non-combat skill, players can still be damaged while hunting. 
Hunter cape


To begin Hunter, go to your magic spell book and click on the Skill Teleport. Head over to where it says Crafting & Hunter, and choose Hunter. You will travel to an enclosed area circled by many trees. For the hunter skill, you'll need to purchase and use a Butterfly net, and have many Implings Jar's consecutively bought. You will also have to have all of the other spaces in your inventory empty because you need to buy every inventory of 27 Impling jars. Every time you catch 1 Impling, 1 jar will be filled. These can be bought from Tamayu.

When you have caught 27 Implings and your inventory is full, walk to the Black Market Dealer and sell all your Impling Jars. You have to repeat this process till you achieve 99 Hunter.

There really are no imps to target as the level requirements vary. But in essence, you want to keep in this order (chronological)

Impling Level Required Type Normal Hardcore Iron Man Sell Profit
Baby impling
1 Baby 3,000 exp 300 exp

300 exp

3,000gp 2,800gp
Young impling
17 Young 7,000 exp 700 exp 700 exp 3,000gp 2,800gp
Gourmet impling
20 Gourmet 8,000 exp 800 exp 800 exp 3,000gp 2,800gp
Earth impling
34 Earth 10,000 exp 1,000 exp 1,000 exp 3,000gp 2,800gp
Essence impling
40 Essence 12,000 exp

1,200 exp

1,200 exp 3,000gp 2,800gp
Eclectic impling
50 Electric 16,000 exp 1,600 exp 1,600 exp 3,000gp 2,800gp
Nature impling
58 Nature 20,000 exp 2,000 exp 2,000 exp 3,000gp 2,800gp
Magpie impling
65 Magpie 25,000 exp 2,500 exp 2,500 exp 5,000gp 4,800gp
Ninja impling
74 Ninja 28,000 exp 2,800 exp 2,500 exp 7,000gp 6,800gp
Dragon impling
90 Dragon 50,000 exp 5,000 exp 5,000 exp 10,000gp 9,800gp
Hunter cape emote

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