Rare Flowers
Flowers were unobtainable rares used for nicer appearance, although after the introduction of the Extreme Donator zone, blue flowers were added to the Extreme Shop (Causing blue flowers to be obtainable), as well as the introduction of clue scrolls which got many of these flowers in-game (especially red and yellow).
Item Quantity Rarity
Pastel Flowers Pastel Flowers unknown 2 Common
Blue Flowers Blue Flowers unknown 3 Uncommon
Red Flowers Red Flowers unknown 4 Rare
Orange Flowers Orange Flowers unknown 4 Rare
Yellow Flowers Yellow Flowers unknown 4 Rare
Multi Flowers Multi Flowers unknown 4 Rare
Purple Flowers Purple Flowers unknown 4 Rare
White Flowers White Flowers unknown 5 Very rare
Black Flowers Black Flowers unknown 5 Very rare

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