Falling Stars
Falling Star

What are Falling Stars
A Falling Star is a new minigame we have added into our server. Once every 3hours, it appears randomly in one of many locations throughout the dreamscape world. The Fallen Star is a green like object that requires you to mine it, Which you get rewards from.
How to find the Falling Stars
At home, there is a new telescope available behind the Ironman instance portal. This telescope will tell you how long until the next star arrives or if a star has already fallen it will share its location


Below are the listed locations of where the Fallen Star appears:

Description How to get there Picture

South of Varrock

Teleport to Varrock then walk south from the spawn point.
Southern Varrock Star
Eastern Wilderness Use the Pk teleport to the Eastern Wilderness and walk north towards the fishing spots. Level 36 Wildy.
Eastern Wilderness Star
Southern Wilderness Walk north from Edgeville on the East side of the black knights fortress. It'll be by the Bandit camp entrance. Level 23 Wildy.
Southern Wilderness Star
West of Lumbridge Teleport to Lumbridge and walk West outside of the city.
West of Lumbridge

How it works: 

Once every 3 hours the star appears, you are required to take Any Pickaxe to mine it and requires level 0 mining. You mine it by spam clicking on the star. For every 20 star dusts, you collect that grants you 1 rewards it is a 20:1 Ratio.


White Gloves

White Boots

White Full Helm

White Platebody

White Platelegs

Ice Katana


Raw Shark

Magic Logs

Big Bones

Dragon Bones



Double XP Ring

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