Extreme Donator Rank

Extreme Donator
Extreme Donator

The Extreme Donator rank is obtainable via the ::donate store for $80 or in the game for 1Q+. With this rank you will have all the options available to Regular Donators and Super Donators as well as new perks and areas!


Extreme Zone

Extreme Donator Zone
Extreme Chief

Extreme Store / Extreme Chief

Extreme shop

Items in the store can be bought using 'Extreme Points' and, there are different ways to gain these points. Here are some.. 

How to gain Extreme Points?

Killing NPC's within the area.

Sea Troll Queen

8 Points per kill

Extreme, Sea troll

Shadow Kings

12 Points per kill

Shadow King, Extreme zone

Icy Skeletons

10 Points per kill

Icy skel, Extreme Zone


10 Points per kill

Chaos Elemental

12 Points per kill



1 Point per log

Woodcutting, extreme zone

Fire Making

1 Point per log

Firemaking, Extreme zone

Extreme Amulet

Additional to the rank you will receive an Extreme Amulet.

This Amulet is one of the best Amulet In-Game and has some serious bonuses!

The Extreme Amulet will be deposited automatically in your bank after claiming the Extreme Donator Ticket.

Extreme amulet

Free Mystery Boxes

Not only the Extreme Chief has a store, it also gives you a daily reward of 10 Mystery boxes!

You can claim those by right clicking the Extreme Cheif.

Extreme Chief Daily Mbox