Extreme Chief

Extreme Donator donation point store!

This shop is located in the "Extreme Donator Zone". Go to your Armor Tab Equipment tab  - Then click on Donator options tab Donator options - Lastly, click on Donator zone tab Donator zones tab then choose "Extreme Donator Zone".

Extreme Chief
Extreme shop
Shop Items
Items Cost
Mime set 2000 Points a piece
Gloves 750 Points
Boots 750 Points
Blue flowers 1000 Points
Extreme Scarf 750 Points
Gnome scarf 400 Points
Demonic blue wing 1,500 Points
Blue brutal 1,500 Points
Blue torva legs 1,500 Points
Blue torva body 1,500 Points
Blue torva helm 1,500 Points
American partyhat 750 Points
Diamond partyhat 750 Points
Angelic sword 150 Points

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