Dungeoneering is a skill that consists of killing NPC's for tokens and experience.
Dungeoneering cape detail
To begin this skill, you will want to visit the "More Skills Teleport" in the "Magic Spellbook". Make sure you bring some armourweapons and food to begin killing the NPC's. You will receive more XP and tokens, depending on which monster you attack.

Best Dungeoneering Monsters To Fight
  • Avatar of Creation - Highest / Best (HP) (240,000 Xp, and 16 Tokens)
  • Solus Dellagar - Medium / Average (HP) (152,000 Xp, and 13 Tokens)
  • Ice Giant - Lowest/Worst (HP) (88,000 Xp, and 7 Tokens

Token Exchange
"Dungeoneering Tokens", can be used to exchange for the following items ;
  • Chaotic Rapier
  • Chaotic Maul
  • Chaotic Crossbow
  • Chaotic Staff
  • Chaotic Longsword
  • Arcane Stream Necklace

Dungeoneering cape emote

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