Dream Mystery Box
Dream Mystery Box

The Dream Mystery Box is one sexy and amazing boxes we have here on Dreamscape! This box has some awesome rewards and an amazing 20% better drop rate than our other boxes!

*This list will only be updated when new items are discovered.*

Image Stats Item Name Quantity Rarity
Full Dragonbone Melee
Dbone stats
Dragonbone Melee 1 Standard
Chest Key
Chest Key (#1) 1 Standard
Frost bones (100 noted)
Frost Bones 100 Standard
1B Check
1Bill Checks 500 Standard
Flame Torva
Flame Torva Stats
Flame Torva 1 Standard
Double XP Ring
Double Xp Ring 1 Standard
Flame Pernix
Flame pernix stats
Flame Pernix 1 Standard
White Glass wings
White Glass wings Stats
White Glass Wings 1 Standard
Sword of 1k
Sword of 1k stats
Sword of 1000 Truths 1 Standard
Chaotic Claws
Chaotic Claws stats
Chaotic Claws 1 Standard
White Santa Hat
White Santa Hat 1 Standard
American Party Hat
American Party Hat 1 Standard
Frost bones (100 noted)
Frost Dragon Bones 200 Great
Wizzy Torva 1 Great
Brutal Whip2
Brutal Whip Stats2
Brutal Whip 1 Great
Ice katana
Ice katana stats
Ice Katana 1 Great
Gold chain
Gold chain stats
Gold Chain 1 Great
Assault Rifle
Assault rifle stats
Assault Rifle 1 Great
Hot H'ween Mask
Hot h'ween Mask 1 Great
Black hween Mask
Black h'ween Mask 1 Great
Gold h'ween mask
Gold h'ween Mask 1 Great
1B Check
1B Checks 500 Great
Flippers stats
Flippers 1 Great
Super Mystery Box
Super Mystery Box 1 Great
Pet Mystery Box
Pet Mystery Box 1 Great
Sled 1 Epic
Icy boots
Icy boots stats
Icy Boots 1 Epic
1B Check
1B Checks 15000 Epic
Icy Kiteshield
Icy Kiteshield stats
Icy Kiteshield 1 Epic
Blood Spirit Shield
Blood Spirit Shield Stats
Blood Spirit Shield 1 Epic
Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticket 1 Epic
Rainbow Santa Hat
Rainbow Santa Hat 1 Epic
Lime Santa Hat
Lime Santa Hat 1 Epic
Icy Santa hat
Icy Santa Hat 1 Epic
Black Santa Hat
Black Santa Hat 1 Epic
Staff of Ice Equip
Icy staff Stats
Staff of Ice 1 Epic
Staff of Lava
Staff of lava Stats
Staff of Lava 1 Epic
Lava Spirit Shield
Lava ss stats
Lava Spirit Shield 1 Epic
New Years Extreme Box
New Years Extreme Box 1 Epic
Dream Helm Shard 1
Dream Helm Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Helm Shard 2
Dream Helm Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Helm Shard 3
Dream Helm Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 1
Dream Body Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 2
Dream Body Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 3
Dream Body Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 1
Dream Legs Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 2
Dream Legs Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 3
Dream Legs Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Gloves
Dream Gloves 1 Uber
Dream Boots
Dream Boots 1 Uber
Dream Katana
Dream Katana 1 Uber