Dream Mystery Box
Dream Mystery Box

The Dream Mystery Box is one of our newest and most amazing boxes we have here on Dreamscape! Only just $8 at our Donate Shop, this new box has some never before seen rewards and an amazing 20% better drop rate than our other boxes!

*This list will only be updated when new items are discovered.*

Image Stats Item Name Quantity Rarity
Full Dragonbone Melee
Dbone stats
Dragonbone Melee 1 Standard
Chest Key
Chest Key (#1) 1 Standard
Frost bones (100 noted)
Frost Bones 100 Standard
1B Check
1Bill Checks 500 Standard
Flame Torva
Flame Torva Stats
Flame Torva 1 Standard
Double XP Ring
Double Xp Ring 1 Standard
Flame Pernix
Flame pernix stats
Flame Pernix 1 Standard
White Glass wings
White Glass wings Stats
White Glass Wings 1 Standard
Sword of 1k
Sword of 1k stats
Sword of 1000 Truths 1 Standard
Chaotic Claws
Chaotic Claws stats
Chaotic Claws 1 Standard
White Santa Hat
White Santa Hat 1 Standard
American Party Hat
American Party Hat 1 Standard
Frost bones (100 noted)
Frost Dragon Bones 200 Great
Wizzy Torva 1 Great
Brutal Whip2
Brutal Whip Stats2
Brutal Whip 1 Great
Ice katana
Ice katana stats
Ice Katana 1 Great
Gold chain
Gold chain stats
Gold Chain 1 Great
Assault Rifle
Assault rifle stats
Assault Rifle 1 Great
Hot H'ween Mask
Hot h'ween Mask 1 Great
Black hween Mask
Black h'ween Mask 1 Great
Gold h'ween mask
Gold h'ween Mask 1 Great
1B Check
1B Checks 500 Great
Flippers stats
Flippers 1 Great
Super Mystery Box
Super Mystery Box 1 Great
Pet Mystery Box
Pet Mystery Box 1 Great
Sled 1 Epic
Icy boots
Icy boots stats
Icy Boots 1 Epic
1B Check
1B Checks 15000 Epic
Icy Kiteshield
Icy Kiteshield stats
Icy Kiteshield 1 Epic
Blood Spirit Shield
Blood Spirit Shield Stats
Blood Spirit Shield 1 Epic
Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticket 1 Epic
Rainbow Santa Hat
Rainbow Santa Hat 1 Epic
Lime Santa Hat
Lime Santa Hat 1 Epic
Icy Santa hat
Icy Santa Hat 1 Epic
Black Santa Hat
Black Santa Hat 1 Epic
Staff of Ice Equip
Icy staff Stats
Staff of Ice 1 Epic
Staff of Lava
Staff of lava Stats
Staff of Lava 1 Epic
Lava Spirit Shield
Lava ss stats
Lava Spirit Shield 1 Epic
New Years Extreme Box
New Years Extreme Box 1 Epic
Dream Helm Shard 1
Dream Helm Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Helm Shard 2
Dream Helm Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Helm Shard 3
Dream Helm Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 1
Dream Body Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 2
Dream Body Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 3
Dream Body Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 1
Dream Legs Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 2
Dream Legs Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 3
Dream Legs Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Gloves
Dream Gloves 1 Uber
Dream Boots
Dream Boots 1 Uber
Dream Katana
Dream Katana 1 Uber