Dicing Information:

What is dicing? "Dicing" is a form of gambling here on Dreamscape.

You can start your dicing adventures at ::dicezone.

Once you teleport in you need to accept the rules page that shows up before you can begin your dicing adventure.

There are multiple dicing games.

The three that will be mentioned in the guide below are what we play here on Dreamscape. We have Hot or Cold (HOC) Flower Poker (FP), and the famous Dice Dueling (dd).

Important Note - All dicing sessions must be recorded if you are scammed and you want items back and also to get the person caught scamming banned. If you have video proof of scamming submit it to a staff member. Also make sure you always agree on a payout, if you do not agree you can be paid out anything.

Who can bet?

  • Everyone can bet items.

- They trade the items to the person that is hosting (make sure they're extreme donor+) and he / she proceeds to host Hot or Cold

Who can host?

ONLY Extreme donators + can host since the flowers can only be planted by Extreme Donator+

'How to get mithril seeds?'
  • You can get mithril seeds from the npc at ::dicezone if your extreme donor + for free by clicking on them.

Dicing terms (often-ly used)

- DD - (Dice Duel)

GL - (Good luck)

- BL - (Bad luck or Better luck)

FP - (Flower Poker)

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