Dice Dueling

Dice Dueling (DD), is when two players dice against each other. Rather than Player A placing a bet on Player B, both players are dicing against each other (This is used through a dicing system.)

Once both players decide how much they wish to Dice Duel, by putting it up in the display system.

Dice bag

They begin to roll.

Whoever rolls higher, gets one point. E.g. Player A rolls 73. Player B rolls 26. Player A wins a point, making the score 1-0.

Once one of the players has THREE points, they win!

If both are rolling the exact same number, its a reroll.

Example: Player A rolls 55 and Player B rolls 55, its reroll with no discussing about it!

You are not allowed to ask anyone roll for you in any cases.

Claim Winnings 

At the end the of the dice the claim chest has the rewards from the dicing match which could not go into your inventory!

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