Dagannoth Kings
Dagannoth kings
Combat Level 303
Hitpoints N/A
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style N/A
Attack Speed
Max Hit unknown
Weakness N/A
Always Drops Nothing
Examine It's a Dagannoth King

(Supreme, Rex, Prime).

Dagannoth Kings
Dagannoth Kings are composed of three dagannoths (Supreme, Prime, Rex). They drop Epic Archers Ring, Epic Seers Ring, and Epic Beserker Ring respectively.
How to transport there, and what to use to defeat?  ::KINGS

Please note that:

Rex can only be defeated using magic.

Prime can only be defeated using ranged.

Supreme can only be defeated using melee.

Daganoth kings do NOT drop souls, still maintaining their common and uncommon drops.
Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Dagannoth Bones Dagannoth Bones 1–2 1 Always
Green Charm Green Charm 1 2 Common
Blue Charm Blue Charm 1 2 Common
Gold Charm Gold Charm 1 2 Common
Crimson Charm Crimson Charm 1 2 Common
Vestas Chainbody Vestas Chainbody 1 2 Common
Vestas Plateskirt Vestas Plateskirt 1 2 Common
Statius Full Helm Statius Full Helm 1 2 Common
Elemental Whip Elemental Whip 1 3 Uncommon
Ak-47 Ak-47 1 3 Uncommon
Royal Sicle Royal Sicle 1 3 Uncommon
Diamond Age Sword Diamond Age Sword 1 3 Uncommon
Flame Scimitar Flame Scimitar 1 3 Uncommon
Rainbow Plate Rainbow Plate 1 3 Uncommon
Rainbow Legs Rainbow Legs 1 3 Uncommon
Rainbow Kiteshield Rainbow Kiteshield 1 3 Uncommon
White Glass Wings White Glass Wings 1 3 Uncommon
Chaotic Claws Chaotic Claws 1 3 Uncommon
Sword of 1000 Truths Sword of 1000 Truths 1 3 Uncommon
Anger Mace Anger Mace 1 3 Uncommon
Rainbow Lance Rainbow Lance 1 3 Uncommon
Epic Archer Ring Epic Archer Ring 1 4 Rare
Epic Seers Ring Epic Seers Ring 1 4 Rare
Epic Beserker Ring Epic Beserker Ring 1 4 Rare
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