The Most Common Custom Party Hats Across Dreamscape 
From the most worn Party Hats, to the rarest and the best in-game!
Item Quantity Rarity
Diamond Partyhat Diamond Partyhat 10+ 2 Common
Rainbow Partyhat Rainbow Partyhat 20+ 2 Common
Pink Partyhat Pink Partyhat 10+ 2 Common
Lava Partyhat Lava Partyhat 20+ 2 Common
Black Partyhat Black Partyhat 20+ 2 Common
American Partyhat American Partyhat 10+ 3 Uncommon
Lime Partyhat Lime Partyhat 10+ 3 Uncommon
Dragon Partyhat Dragon Partyhat 20+ 3 Uncommon
Adamant Partyhat Adamant Partyhat 20+ 3 Uncommon
Barrows Partyhat Barrows Partyhat 20+ 3 Uncommon
Iron Partyhat Iron Partyhat 20+ 3 Uncommon
Steel Partyhat Steel Partyhat 15+ 3 Uncommon
Bronze Partyhat Bronze Partyhat 15+ 3 Uncommon
Mithril Partyhat Mithril Partyhat 20+ 3 Uncommon
Rune Partyhat Rune Partyhat 15+ 3 Uncommon
Black & White Party Hat Black & White Party Hat 4+ 5 Very rare
Colorful Party Hat Colorful Party Hat 2+ 5 Very rare
Cyan Party Hat Cyan Party Hat 5+ 5 Very rare
Legendary Party Hat Legendary Party Hat 2+ 5 Very rare
King Donator Party Hat King Donator Party Hat 1+ 5 Very rare

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