Coins detail

Currencies are items which can be exchanged and are commonly used for transactions in DreamScape.

Coins (also known as "GP" Gold Pieces) are one form of currency and will be accepted by most NPC's. Other Currencies include some of the following; 100M Checks; 1bill Checks; & 2bill Checks.

As most Items are worth 1B & up, the majority of currency been used, are the 1bill Checks.


Currency Item Example Usage
Coins Coins Player Trading, NPC Shops
100M Check 100M Check Player Trading
1Bill Check 1Bill Check Player Trading, some NPC Shops
2Bill Check 2Bill Check Player Trading, some NPC Shops
Dungeoneering Tokens Dungeoneering Tokens Dungeoneering Shop
Prestige Points Prestige Shop
Pk Points Pk Shop
DreamScape Points DreamScape Point Shop
Loyalty Points Loyalty Point Shop
Achievement Points Achievement Shop
Donation Points Donation Shop, $5 (USD) = 1 Point

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