Candi's Armour

"Candi's 5 dolla holla Armour Store".

Also known as, "Candi's Armour Shop". Here you can find your basic melee armour. You will find such items as: Rune, Dragon and even Dharok's.

This shop is located at ::home.

Petra Fiyed
Candi's Armour Store
Items Cost 'gp'
Seers' Ring (i) 40,000,000
Archers' Ring (i) 40,000,000
Warrior Ring (i) 40,000,000
Berserker Ring (i) 40,000,000
Rune Full Helm 35,200
Rune Platebody 65,00
Rune Platelegs 64,000
Rune Kiteshield 54,400
Archer Helm 60,000
Berserker Helm 60,000
Warrior Helm 60,000
Farseer Helm 60,000
Helm of Neitiznot 50,000
Initiate Sallet 6,000
Initiate Hauberk 10,000
Initiate Cuisse 8,000
Adamant Full Helm 3,520
Adamant Platebody 12,800
Adamant Platelegs 6,400
Adamant Kiteshield 5,440
Dragon Full Helm 50,000,000
Dragon Platebody 30,000,000
Dragon Platelegs 15,000,000
Rune Boots 12,500
Shield Right Half 500,000
Flameburst Defender 25,000,000
Dragon Defender 10,000,000
Dragon Boots 15,000,000
Dharok's Helm 10,000,000
Dharok's Platebody 15,000,000
Dharok's Platelegs 10,000,000
Faithful Shield 50,000,000

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