Who is Bozo?
Question Answer
Name Adam
Age 26
Donation Manager
Hobbies Some hobbies I have is making my own fly fishing lures to use and sell and I have been in the long process of making my own cedarstrip canoe with my dad
Working or Studying? I was doing roofing with my brother and my uncle as they own their own roofing company, but now I only really go to a job when I can use the money or if they need the extra help I will go, so I guess part time working and full time Dreamscaping!
What do you enjoy doing? Some things I really enjoy is fishing for sport only (catch and release). I also love riding my boat and canoes on the open water and just being outdoors camping or anything to do with the great outdoors. I also really enjoy riding my 3 wheeler around in my yard and shooting my guns and crossbows at targets
Anything else? If I told you I would have to kill you

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