A quick guide on Drop Rates
Visit this post for an explanation on how drop rates work, written by Tyrant to find out the best out of your gameplay.
Dreamscape Bosses

In this section, you will find Bosses for most advanced players to make some good money! There are PVM and PVP Bosses on this list.

But watch out, some of them can drop your hp from 99 to 0 in one hit!

  • Mini BossesGo to Mini Bosses
  • Dagannoth KingsGo to Dagannoth Kings
  • Gio's HoeGo to Gio's Hoe
  • Dragonbone ProtectorGo to Dragonbone Protector
  • Forgotten WarriorGo to Forgotten Warrior
  • VoragoGo to Vorago
  • Sea Troll QueenGo to Sea Troll Queen
  • Bork BossGo to Bork Boss
  • NexGo to Nex
  • King Black DragonGo to King Black Dragon
  • Tormented DemonGo to Tormented Demon
  • Corporal BeastGo to Corporal Beast
  • BarrelchestGo to Barrelchest
  • Flame ingGo to FlameTorva
  • DreamkingGo to Dreamking
  • VenanatisGo to Venanatis
  • ScorpiaGo to Scorpia
  • CallistoGo to Callisto
  • Vet'ionGo to Vet'ion
  • PhoenixGo to Phoenix
  • Icy SkeletonGo to Icy Skeleton
  • Wizard GrayzagGo to Wizard Grayzag
  • Shadow KingGo to Shadow King
  • Party PeteGo to Party Pete Boss
  • General GraardorGo to General Graador

There are 30 bosses in total, with 30 different amounts of loot.

Raid bosses

Dreamscape Monsters

In this section you will find Monsters for mostly beginner and exploring players. There is PVM monsters in this list only

This area is generally for beginners, and is hardly used.

  • Train TeleportGo to Train Teleport
  • Mystery Box TeleportGo to Mystery Box Teleport
  • PointzoneGo to Pointzone
  • Rock CrabsGo to Rock Crabs
  • Taverly DungeonGo to Taverly Dungeon
  • Slayer TowerGo to Slayer Tower
  • Brimhaven DungeonGo to Brimhaven Dungeon
  • StrykewrmsGo to Strykewrms

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