Short Intro:

The "Barrows" mini-game!

In this mini-game you need to kill 6 NPC's to gain a reward from the chest at the end.

We don't make the mini-game super hard, because "Barrows Pieces" aren't to expensive In-Game.

How to play:
Go to Mini-games Teleport - Barrows Teleport - Than proceed to one of the hills of grass. Kill each of the brothers. Repeat with all six of the brothers than click a casket and go to reward room. You need to click on the chest and you will be rewarded with a reward. (Best reward: Barrows items)
  • The BIG SIX ;
  • - Verac the Defiled (melee)
  • - Torag the Corrupted (melee)
  • - Ahrim the Blighted (mage)
  • - Karil the Tainted (range)
  • - Dharok the Wretched (melee)
  • - Guthan the Infested (melee)
  • This mini-game is very similar to the original one we all know very well from Runescape.

Items Needed:
  • High level armour.
    Barrows broers
  • High-Hitting / Fast-Hitting weapon.
  • Prayer pots.
  • Food.

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