Combat Level 170
Hitpoints 2500
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 5
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness Melee
Always Drops Charms
Examine It's a Barrelchest.

Barrelchest, is a starter boss but does have high defense. Barrelchest is also one of the few bosses that will attack you first.

Barrelchest can be found in two places, such as Sponsor Zone, also known as Ownercape or Ownercape Zone (you must be a sponsor) and by using the Boss Teleport system

In order to kill Barrelchest officially is to use a fast hitting weapon, such as an Assault rifle, royal sicle(u), or Ice katana . Good armor to be using is Dragonbone (U), Flame Pernix, or Vangard armor. You also need to use prayer "Soulsplit" (92 prayer recommended). Other recommendations include White Glass Wings in order to keep your prayer at max.
Since the Barrlchest is a boss, it is included in the Soul System, converting all common and uncommon drops into souls. The Barrelchest, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drop Key Fragments and Treasure Chests and Immortal Stone Fragments
Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Barrelchest Soul Barrelchest Soul 1–3 1 Always
Gold Charm Gold Charm 1 2 Common
Green Charm Green Charm 1 2 Common
Crimson Charm Crimson Charm 1 2 Common
Blue charm Blue charm 1 2 Common
Ice Katana Ice Katana 1 4 Rare
Brutal Whip Brutal Whip 1 4 Rare
Key Fragment (1) Key Fragment (1) 1 4 Rare
Treasure Chest (1) Treasure Chest (1) 1 4 Rare

Custom NPC's

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