Achievements Of Dreamscape

Achievement Points are received from doing various tasks throughout Dreamscape. These tasks include answering trivia questions, and completing Achievements. Your point count can be seen in the achievement section, of the quest tab. Achievement Points can be exchanged for items in the Achievement Point Shop.

This shop is located at ::home.

  • Eat Any Food x100 
  • Kill 100 Rock Crabs.
  • Kill Dragonbone 15 Times.
  • Kill Nex 10 Times.
  • Kill Jad 1 Time.
  • Kill 1000 NPC's.
  • Fish 100 Sharks.
  • Wear a Partyhat.
  • Use 5 Squeal of Fortune Spins.
  • Cut 75 Trees.
  • Answer 5 Trivia Questions.
  • Dance 15 Times.
  • Kill 25 King Black Dragons.
  • Gain 10 Kills.
  • Use the Soulsplit Prayer.
  • Have a Makeover.
  • Kill 100 Thugbob.
  • Go Into Fullscreen Mode.
  • Open 100 Mystery Boxes.
  • Open 1000 Crystal Keys.
  • Get an Ultra Rare Drop.
  • Kill 5 Vorago.
  • Take 10 Donator Fountain Drinks.
Achievement Point Shop

Red Lightsaber.

Blue Lightsaber.
Gold Lightsaber.
Rainbow Godsword.
White Infinity Dye.
Blue Infinity Dye.
Red Infinity Dye.
Dream Dagger.
Epic Battle Axe.
Royal Sicle.
Yellow Wings.

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