A Dreamers Passion


- 4 Iron Nails


Make sure you have prepared the requirements especially the 4 Iron Nails.

1. Go into your spell book and choose City teleports. Head yourself to Varrock. When you get to Varrock speak to a man by the name of Lazim.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.31.56 PM

Lazim will then ask you if you will help him find his lost friend.


Lazim will then tell you how to find Ali. Ali is located in Draynor.


2. Go into your spellbook and choose City teleports. Head yourself to Draynor. When you get to Draynor run outside Draynor's bank to the back, you will find Ali.


Ali will tell you that he needs nails to fix his boat.


He will also tell you to inform Lazim on his status. You can now head back to Varrock to tell Lazim.


3. Speak with Lazim and he will tell you to obtain nails at the General store; Durka Durka.


Once purchased, head back to Draynor and give Ali the 4 nails. Ali will ask if you can repair the boat for him because he doesn't reach the requirements.


Use your nails on the boat to repair it. Now Ali will set sail to see Lazim. Head back to Varrock and speak with Lazim.


Upon completing A Dreamers Passion you are rewarded with:

- 1 Million Smithing XP

- Full Graceful armour

- A Golden Hammer

- 20 Achievement Points 

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